Dyson Sphere Program | Gravity Matrix Or Rare Resources

If you are looking to build your first Dyson sphere then you should definitely read this guide. It deals with an important question. Should I use gravity matrices? Or are rare resources much more effective? To answer this valid question go through this short guide.

Rare Resources Over Gravity Matrices In Dyson Sphere Program

Gravity Matrices

Gravity Matrices

If you are trying to build your first Dyson sphere, the gravity matrices aren’t too important at this stage in the game, and in our opinion, don’t waste your time building a massive factory just for green science. Just get enough for a single level of Dyson sphere stress system, maybe more if you want some other techs. Later on there will be rare resources that make this much easier.

Rare Resources

Get rare resources, the advanced recipes make your life so much easier. Four main ones we would say to get would be, optical grating crystals, fire ice, spiniform stalagmite formations, and organic crystals. All four of these skip over big oil production lines. Organic crystals is the least important because it is only good for structure science if you have optical grating crystals, unless there is another use for organic crystals. Kimberlite and fractal silicon don’t seem too useful right now so don’t bother. You could use kimberlite if you are low on coal or oil.

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Your First Dyson Sphere

We know this game is called Dyson Sphere Program but unless you are a god at building production lines, do not go overboard with your first dyson sphere. Make it a ring, or if you have to, add some shell to it (You can do this by creating a shape and then filling it with cells). A single ring works out fine and gives plenty of power.

That’s it! That’s all we have for you in this guide for Dyson Sphere Program. If you think it was useful then please share your opinion in the comments section. Also don’t forget to check out our other guides too! Thanks for reading!

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