Dyson Sphere Program | How To Design Your Main Bus

The following guide is a detailed step by step guide on how to successfully design your bus the right way, for the very first time in the game Dyson Sphere Program. The entire guide has been divided into sub-parts for your benefit. You can access any part from the table of contents down below. Go through these steps and let us know if you have any doubts in the comments below.

Dyson Sphere Program: Main Bus Design Guide

You need to keep these factors in mind before starting with your bus design. Each of them have been explained down below:

  • Distance between the belts.
  • Belt orientation.
  • Merging of belts.
  • Belt height.
  • Types of splitters.

Let us take a look at each one of them one by one.

Distance between the belts

You will need your belts on every 4th line. This should give enough room to run belts between splitters. This may be necessary in circumstances where there is a dirth of space.

Belt orientation

Be sure that you run the belt along the equator and not North-South. The equator can be identified easily because its a thick green line. You need to do this because of the grid lines and also because you want the maximum distance for the bus to travel.

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Merging of belts

You need your bus belts running on the 1st and 3rd levels. You need to do this in the smallest amount of space possible. Here’s an image for your reference which will show you how to merge from the 3rd through to the 1st levels:

Belt height

For bus belts only odd-numbered heights should be used. This is because the 4-way splitters will only connect at those heights. You can use even-numbered heights to input/output resources using the other types of splitters.

Types of splitters

Now let us talk about the types of splitters you can use to build your bus. We recommend you not overlook the different splitter types initially. Use Tab button to change the splitter types while placing. You will find that one of them in particular can come in very handy to input/output the resources from the line. For more guidance use this image:

You should start the first line directly on the equator. Every additional line should be added above that and all the factories should be below the equator. Be sure to leave a comment if you think of any improvements, or for any other reason! I hope this was helpful! Cheerio!

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