Dyson Sphere Program | How To Power Your Mecha

We are back again with another guide for the game Dyson Sphere Program on how to power your mecha. This is a basic guide which will help you in identifying how to generate power supply for your character in the game. A few basic steps are all that it takes to ensure you have sufficient power for your characters. Check this out!

How To Generate Power For Your Characters In DSP

If you have played Dyson Sphere Program you will realize by now that power supply for your character is limited. The power bar drains as you move, craft things or do any other stuff in the game. Though this recharges over time when you’re inactive, it may take a long time to do so. How to ensure that your Mecha never runs out of power? Follow these steps:

  • You can can feed your mecha basically any combustible object.
  • This includes Plant Fuel (leaves), Logs, Coal, Hydrogen Fuel Rods and anything else with an “Energy” stat.
  • To do this you open your Mecha Panel (hotkey is ‘C’) and drag or shift-click applicable fuel items into the Fuel Chamber slot.
  • Then over a period of time your Mecha will consume these items converting them into Core Energy.
  • If your core energy maxes out then don’t worry as your Mecha will stop burning fuel until it is needed again.
  • You will eventually get the Wireless Power Tower as well which allows you to charge your Mecha with the energy on your Power Grid though fuel will always be useful for any excursions away from your base.
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If you follow these few simple steps, you will be able to generate uninterrupted power supply for your mecha character. Really easy right? Just as we thought! We are of course going to be sharing more advanced guides soon for DSP players, so do keep a lookout on our latest posts section. Till then have a nice day!

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