Dyson Sphere Program Interplanetary Logistics Guide

In Dyson Sphere Program, Transportation of Titanium is key to a great Build. This Interplanetary Logistics Guide will help you to understand just that. Titanium is just an aspect, as you can transport a lot of other resources with this setup as well. We will go over the efficient ways to transfer Titanium between Planets to construct your dream ecosystem. Lets take a look…

Interplanetary Logistics Guide for DSP

Required Technologies to Get Started

The first and key part to transport Titanium is to unlock the technology called “Interstellar Logistics System”. Before you can reach this tech, there is a list of technologies you need to get first. This is for the Logistics System Tree. I will list them below for reference:

  • Basic Logistics System – This is the Starting of the Tree of tech
  • Improved Logistics System
  • High Efficiency Logistics System
  • Intraplanetary Logistics System
  • Interstellar Logistics System

IF you are following the Metallurgy Tree then this is the following tree progression:

  • Automatic Metallurgy
  • Steel Smelting
  • Titanium Smelting
  • High-Strength Titanium Alloy
  • Interstellar Logistics System

The most ideal tip would be to get all the tech from both the tree hierarchies before reaching the Interstellar Logistics System.

Required Setup for the Logistics

You will need 2 interstellar Logistics Stations and 20 Logistics Vessels. Do not confuse Vessels with drones as most do. These two are different and should be kept in mind while picking. You also have the option to use single vessels for this process, but since the progress would be very slow, we recommend you go for a group of vessels. You would also need Power to transport between both the planets so make sure you have plenty of that.

Placement Guide to Send and Receive

Ideally, you should place 1 tower each, in both the planets you need to transfer between. You the belts you built and make it through the tower so that the transfer is smooth. This is for the tower you will be sending from. The tower that receives the resource, should have a belt with a filter on it. This will make the extraction process optimum. Here is an illustrative image to show the same:

Image Courtesy: Steam

How to setup Your Tower

There are a few things to know before you get to setting up the Tower. Local supply/demand is meant to describe the local planet. You should find this option on the top right of the screen in the below image. Remote demand/supply describes the demand you make for a specific resource. Remote supply means it will supply the resource to other stations. So we need the place these with our mines and smelters to “Remote Supply”. Make sure that the place you are using to house these resources are set to “Remote Demand”. Check out this image to know in details, what you should be looking for:

Image Courtesy: Steam

How To Setup Logistics Vessels

After completing the Transfer bases and tower constructions and setup, all that is left is setting up the Logistics vessels. To be Specific, you would need 20 of them as mentioned earlier. You can house 10 in a tower and they are capable of shifting 200 units at a time. Note that until you have all 200 units of resources, they will not start transporting.

The way these Vessels work is as follows; if you see 4/10, then 4 vessels are waiting to transport resources, 6 are already transporting them, and the total number of vessels you have is 10. I hope this will help you to clear out any doubt you have when you see such numbers and fractions.

That is all you need to know to setup your own network of Interplanetary Logistics Transport System for DSP. This can be a bit complicated to grasp but if you give it a read, it should become quite easy to get hold of. Let me know your Doubts or suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with a brand new guide. Till then, Adios!

Last Updated on February 27, 2021

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