Dyson Sphere Program | Solar Sails Or Wind Turbines- Which To Use?

This short and simple guide deals with a matter of choice between solar sails and wind turbines in the game Dyson Sphere Program. If you are looking to build your first or second dyson sphere or swarm then do check out this guide. It will give you a brief idea of how to choose between different energy resources in the game. Ultimately how you allocate your energy resources is up to you because the ultimate goal of this game is to harness infinite energy from planets.

How To Choose Between Solar Sails And Wind Turbines In Dyson Sphere Program

Solar Sails and Wind Turbines

We are conflicted about solar sails. It’s some nice power but there are two things, they don’t last forever, and don’t produce a lot of power. In our opinion, only use solar sails to power planets without wind power, if wind turbines are broken. A single wind turbine produces 300KW, which from our experience, with base production, is equivalent to 3 structure points, or plenty of solar sails. Wind turbines are also easy to produce, just iron and copper, for solar sails you need oil, and for structure points you need a ton of stuff. Just use wind turbines. Don’t deconstruct your solar sail production because you will need it for your Dyson sphere.

Solar sails are not the most efficient way to go, but as far as building convenience goes they are great. Also, seeing the swarm building up around the sun is pretty cool to look at. Solar sails are really helpful for when you do power generation on one planet and need it on another one. You can have one setup on a tidal locked planet and it will power your entire solar system.

This guide is generally meant for starters and those who have less than 48 hours of game-play. But more experienced players are also welcome to read this guide. If there are any mistakes in this guide, be sure to point them out in the comments below. We will correct them and keep you updated. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Definitely agree. I had setup Solar Sails but they ended up just using a lot of energy to launch them and wasn’t needed initially on my main planet. Now I set them up on a planet close to the sun to ensure they send out more of them rather than have a gas giant block everything.

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