Elden Ring: All Illusionary wall locations

Though the Illusionary walls are a bit tricky to find, these secret areas could hide very valuable treasures such as items, weapons, optional bosses, and more. This guide will make your job a little bit easier to find them and get all that precious loot.

To open Illusionary walls you will need to attack them or roll through them. If that wall is an illusion it will disappear.

While playing online, you can always look at the messages left by players who have discovered them. But beware of the fake messages.

Here are the locations of some of the illusionary walls that we found so far, more info will be added later.

Elden Ring: All Illusionary wall locations

Below are all the Illusionary wall locations for Elden Ring. Follow them carefully and finding them would not be that hard.

  • Debate parlor

From the Debate Parlor site of grace, head back the way to the mage’s right bookshelf near the stairs, the one with no books.

  • Academy of Lara Lucaria

You will find this wall masquerading as a bookshelf.

Loots – Sorcery Spell Comet, Graven-School Talisman, Stonesword Key.

  • Kingsrealm ruins

At the Northside of Kingsrealm Ruins, posing as a large brick wall.

unlocks – Areas north of Kingsrealm Ruins

  • Kingsrealm ruins

Follow the stairs leading down into an underground area and right next to the stairs is an Illusionary wall.

Optional Boss – Royal Revenant

  • Sage’s cave

There’s an illusory wall near the path past the campfire, with another one along the way.

The wall between the two bazaars is actually an illusory wall as well.

There are also two illusory walls in the middle of the waterfall with two chests in the middle.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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