Elden Ring: All stonesword key locations

The stonesword keys are like Pharros’ lock stones in Darksouls 2. They open certain types of fog doors scattered across the world containing crafting items, talismans, spell tomes, and dungeons to explore. These are very rare and are some of the most valuable Elden Ring keepsakes.

Elden Ring: All Stonesword key locations

Purchasable ones

  • Three of them are purchasable for 4000 runes each from Finger Reader Enia in the round table hold. Do this after defeating Godrick and taking his “Remembrance of the Grafted” to the Divine Tower of Limgrave (east of Stormveil Castle). 
  • The isolated merchant located in his shack west of Weeping Peninsula, you can purchase 3 stone sword keys for 2,000 runes each. 


  • From the nomadic merchant at the eastern part of the Weeping Peninsula, you can buy 1 for 2000 runes.

  • From the nomadic merchant in south Caelid, you can buy 1 for 4000 runes.

  • You can buy one from Patches after he sets up his shop at the Murkwater cave.  

The ones you need to find

Part 1

  • At the beginning of the game, can be kept as a keepsake. Right next to the Site of grace, a Stonesword key can be found in the Stormhill shack.

  • Dragon-Burnt Ruins, next to the main hall in a small room protected by a giant rat. 

  • At the end of the Bridge of Sacrifice.  

  •  At Castle Morne, locate the site of grace named “Behind the castle”. From there walk down towards the west back onto a section of the castle and look to the left to find a wooden platform. Get the key from the hanging corpse.  

  • Northeast part of the Weeping Peninsula near the bridge of sacrifice on a body sitting in a chair. 

  •  At the Stormhill shack, right next to the Site of grace.   


  • On a corpse inside a building section with a broken roof, accessible from the top of the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle.

  •  At the Academy Crystal Cave, head left where the Sages are and enter the next room. The key is inside a cage.

Part 2

  •  Near the Hallowed Grounds in Siofra River, you will come across a ruin where you will find a Stonesword key. Find a gust of wind at the edge of the cliff closest to the ruin, which will boost you up to the top.

  • In the Siofra River, look for a ruined wall. You will find a stone sword key here by climbing across its support beams and pillars.


  • On a corpse laying by a ledge overlooking the ruined temple in Nokron, Eternal City with the deer carcass. This ledge is a level lower than the cliff with the spirit jellyfish

  • On a corpse under a burnt tree near the cliffs north of Fort Laiedd in Mt. Gelmir.  

  • At the fountain, at the center of Raya Lucaria Academy’s courtyard.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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