Elden Ring | Best Location To Find The Most Runes (Souls)

In this guide, I have explained all about a good place I’ve found to rune (soul) grind in the game Elden Ring. Through this guide, you will be able to farm the maximum possible amount of runes(souls) in this game. The guide contains two major steps you need to follow to do this and they are right down below, so check them out.

How To Find Runes Fast In Elden Ring

This is a short guide sharing a good place and method that I’ve found to grind runes. 

Raiding Storm’s Hill

The best place I have so far found to grind souls in the early game is Storm’s Hill. To get there, you have to travel north from Gate front Ruins. You must stay close to the cliff face so as to avoid the horseman.

Go towards this waypoint, and there you’ll find a spring fountain. Once you are on Storm Hill, run past the giants and towards this waypoint.

You can use the rocks in the image below as a landmark. Now, head into the forest. Your grace point should be located behind the cabin. 

Killing the Giants

Once your grace point is set, head back to the field and kill the giants one by one. They can be pretty easily killed while on horseback. Be warned that the giants can run very quickly and have some nasty ranged abilities. Just try to stay close to and behind them to take advantage of their slow turn radius.

Move away only to avoid their AOE damage, and return before they switch to ranged attacks. Run through and around their legs while hitting their legs as much as possible and dodge only when absolutely necessary.

They have stages/phases that seem to be activated when they reach certain low health. But these can be avoided by attacking the legs until they finally topple, then finishing them on the ground.

I recommend you to use a weapon that has Blood Loss. A flail with this effect can be found in one of the trailer chests at the Gate front ruins. Once sufficient hits have been landed, it will eat away a large chunk of their health bar.


I also recommend converting all of your flasks to health charges for the purpose of the battles. Each giant will net you 1,000 runes and 2 flask charges.

I am far from being a souls veteran, but I was able to finish off the entire field of giants in a couple of minutes, multiple times over.

There is a stone in the middle of the field that can be destroyed by leading a giant over to it and manipulating it to attack close to the stone.

It contains a slightly higher-tier weapon upgrade stone, that is if you wish to grab it. Head back to the grace point, rest so they respawn, and then you can rinse and repeat this process as many times as you want.


Hope this helps someone out there. Also, alternatively, there is a teleportation device that takes you to the far right corner of the map, an area that comes much later in the story. There the simple mobs give 1000+ runes each and they are pretty easy to slay. Good luck out there Tarnished, God is with you.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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