Sandstorm’s Eye Event Guide – Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs

How to Complete the Sandstorm’s Eye event in COD Mobile Season 4

The new season of Call of Duty Mobile: Wild Dogs is upon us, and excitement has been building for all the new features it contains. It will have new locations, tasks, prizes, and much more to offer. A new quest called Sandstorm’s Eye is already one of the most talked-about offerings of the game. It promises to make the whole experience of playing Call of Duty Mobile: Wild Dogs an even richer one. Therefore, we are offering you a guide on what the whole Sandstorm’s Eye is all about and everything you need to know, regarding the same. 

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Sandstorm’s Eye Event Guide – COD Mobile Season 4

Sandstorm’s Eye: Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

The upcoming season of Call of Duty Mobile will have the Sandstorm’s Eye event already on it. It will be a fresh, unseen challenge, separate from the returns of some all-time favorites. Here’s how you go about participating in the Sandstorm’s Eye:

  • Players need to scour the area and see the map of the mission so that objectives can be achieved at “nodes.” They are specific areas on the map, and a player has to finish the tasks at one node before moving on to another one. 
  • There will be a few nodes that are extra special than the others. They are placed on “vantage points,” and players should focus on them more as they give great bonuses, in addition, to the regular rewards. 
  • Some of the most high-rewarding nodes are the Great Bridge, Observation Tower, and more. These vantage points will glow when the rewards are ready, and players should head straight towards them then. They will receive great boosts in XP and other awards. 
  • Moreover, there are also daily objectives that you can complete to receive more such prizes. The leaderboard is constantly changing and updating. Players who are at the top, and perform the best will be eligible to get even greater rewards like sniper guns and Otter-Sand Drift Operator. 

There you have it, everything you need to know regarding the Sandstorm’s Eye event. It is a fun little bonus quest that can help you win big if you keep at it. 

Rewards from the event in Call of Duty Mobile

Every season of Call of Duty Mobile is replete with fun events like the Sandstorm’s Eye. Players will need to stack up on oil if they wish to take part in Sandstorm’s Eye. As it goes, if you want more prizes, you have to have the most oil. The following is a list of prizes you can get during the event: 

  1. Type 25 – Blend Scale
  2. Epic Locus – Slide Swindler
  3. Epic Operator Skin – Sand Drift
  4. Outlaw – Blend Scale
  5. Epic Calling Card – Lizard King
  6. PP19 Bizon – Blend Scale

Moreover, players will also be eligible to receive massive quantities of Battle Pass XP, BP, and some more major items. Call of Duty Mobile always makes sure that players have the opportunities to play these kinds of quests too. They may not be taken too seriously by some, but provide a fresh excitement and engaging gameplay when done well. 

Last Updated on May 9, 2022

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