Fallout 4 | Survival Walkthrough and Guide

How to Survive longer in Fallout 4 with a few Tips and Tricks

About the guide :

In this guide we aim to give the reader a few walkthroughs tips, tricks and locations for survival. In a game like Fallout 4 you would need every trick up your sleeve in order to survive longer. We focus mainly on one settlement to increase survival time, The Sunshine Tidings ….


Why pick a settlement like Sunshine Tidings as your 3rd settlement ?

If you’re playing the basic Fallout 4 story-line (which is not using mods like “Start Me Up” ) then you’ll come out from Vault 111. You will come into the world and discover your old home Sanctuary. You’ll likely proceed on to the nearby Red Rocket station meeting a vault-dweller’s best friend Dog Meat. At Last, you’ll explore the city of Concord and all the excitement it brings which will bring you back home to Sanctuary.


Here is the location of Sunshine Tidings :


A short walkthrough of Sunshine Tidings and what to do :

The next thing you should do is head straight to Sunshine Tidings Co-Op especially if you are playing on Survival Mode. Sunshine Tidings has a Wasteland Survival guide magazine that gives you twice the meat from every animal kill.  You will be killing quite a few in the game from Bloat Flies, to Radroaches, to Radstags. All that meat can be cooked up for good healing food without any radiation effects.

Beyond that magazine, Sunshine Tidings is fairly easy to get to without much of a grind. It serves as a good base later to explore some of the more treacherous areas in the South-West corner of the map.

To clear the settlement, you’ll have to combat a few Radroaches and be careful about dealing with some unfortunate humans that were exposed to too much radiation, but once you have twice the food coming in, you won’t need to pickup another can of CRAM. Food is the heart and soul here, especially if it is not exposed to radiation!

That will be all for this short survival guide for Fallout 4. Thanks for reading!

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