Farmville 3 | How To Join/Create/Block Player In Co-Op

This guide will give you a complete knowledge of Co-Ops in the game FarmVille 3. After reading this guide you will be able to answer three very important questions regarding this game: How you can join a Co-Op, how you can create a Co-Op and how to block a player in your Co-Op.

So keep your eyes peeled for all this new info which I am going to share with you here in this guide. This updated info will help you clear some very basic concepts in this game, so do check out my guide.

How To Create/Join Co-Op and Block Player in Co-Op in FarmVille 3

How To Create Co-Op in FarmVille 3

You can start a new Co-op by tapping on the Townhall. Next, tap on the Create button. You can now give your Co-op a name, description, and a Badge. After providing the details for the Co-op you have created, tap on the Next button.

You can choose from these Co-op types: Open, Request To Join, or Invite. Next, choose what game Level you would like your members to have reached to be able to join by tapping on the left or right arrows.

You can also select your Co-op Tags by tapping the Edit button, then choose up to 5 tags you would like to use. 

To set the common language that you prefer all Co-op members to use in the Co-op chat, tap on the language displayed next to “Chat Language” and then select the preferred chat language.

This will also help potential Co-op members make a decision on which Co-op to join. Tap on the Save button to confirm your action. Once you have made your selections, create the Co-op by using Gems.

How To Join Co-Op in Farmville 3

A Co-op will allow you to play, chat, and exchange items with other farmers. To join a Co-op, tap on the Townhall. You will see a selection of recommended Co-ops. Tap on a Co-op, then tap the Info button to find out specific information about each Co-op.

This will help you find the best session for you. Once you have decided which one to join, tap the Join button of the Co-op you have chosen. If the Co-op you want to join is not in the selection, you can find it by tapping on the Search tab and entering the Co-op’s name.

Tap on the Envelope tab to view your pending Invites and Requests. To sum it up, these are the available options:

  • Join
  • Chat with other players
  • Win Rewards

How To Block/Unblock Players in Co-Op

You may block any player in your co-op by accessing your Screen and selecting Settings (Gear Icon) > Members > Tap on the member’s name in the list > Tap on the ‘…’ icon > Select Block.

Any messages that the player sent before they were blocked will still be visible to you in the co-op’s chat window and you will still be able to see any item requests that they put forward.

No new messages will be displayed. If you believe that a player is in breach of the Terms of Service of the game, you may also use the ‘Report’ button to flag the player for investigation.

That will be all in this Co-Op guide on FarmVille 3. Thanks for reading it and hopefully I was able to remove all doubts from your mind regarding this aspect of the game.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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