FarmVille 3 Redeem Codes 2022 and Free Rewards

In this guide for FarmVille 3, I will show you the latest Redeem Codes. These specific codes give you free Gems, stickers, and other free rewards, also.

FarmVille 3 is a very interesting and soothing game if you are looking for Zen. I will also share with you whether you should reroll in this game or not.

FarmVille 3: Redeem Codes for 2022 and Free Rewards


FarmVille 3 Redeem Codes 2021 and Reroll Guide

FarmVille 3 Redeem Codes (February 2022)↓

You can redeem them get free rubies and Gems. These can be used to replenish energy, boost timers, and do a lot of other things as well. Click on the code to copy it to clipboard.

Check out the latest FarmVille 3 Codes and Free Rewards:

  • SEASONSGREETINGS Redeem this gift code for 1 Garden Gnome (New)
  • READYFOR2022 Redeem this gift code for 2 Emerald (New)
  • Merryfarmer [Redeem the code for free rewards]
  • Happyholidays [Redeem this code for 3x Carlos stickers]
  • Nala [3x Carlos Sticker]
  • WELCOMEFV [Redeem Code for 1x Buddy Token, 3x Chad Stickers, 3x Marie Stickers]
  • FARMVILLELIVESTREAM [5 free rubies]
  • KATIE [Code for 2x Flower Barrels]
  • CHAD [3x Chad Farmhand Character Stickers]
  • BUDDY [Get buddy token. Use them to purchase an exotic animal from store]
  • MARIE [3x Marie Farmhand Character Stickers]
  • WELCOMEFV3 [1x gold paw token, 3x Chad stickers, 3x Marie stickers]
  • WELCOMEHOME [1 FarmVille 1 Legend and FarmVille 2 Legend Statues]
  • TROPICESCAPE [1 x FarmVille Tropic Escape Legend Statue]
  • COUNTRYESCAPE [1 x FarmVille Country Escape Legend Statue]
  • FARMVILLELAUNCH [Get 50 x Diamonds]
  • LOVEFARMVILLE [1x Buddy Token, 3x Chad Stickers, 3x Marie Stickers]
  • LOVEFARMVILLE3 [1x Buddy Token, 3x Chad Stickers, 3x Marie Stickers]
  • HELLOFARMVILLE [25 x Diamonds]

Some of them can get expired with time and cannot be redeemed again. I will be updating the post with more codes if I find out more. Keep this page bookmarked for updated codes as well.

Once you are done redeeming, check the mail icon to your right-side screen, and claim the reward you may have redeemed. 

There will be more redeem codes as the game progresses further. As I told above keep your eyes peeled for more of them, and redeem them as soon as you can. Check this video showing how to reset data, as well as redeem codes in the game: [LINK]

Farmville 3 Codes – How To Redeem

In order to get more free rewards, and above all, Gems, you need to know how to reroll and when can you access this feature. To reroll in FarmVille 3, you need to first reach level 3 just to access the settings option. But you still cannot redeem the codes yet. To actually input the codes, you need to reach Level 5.

But the basic concept to redeem the codes is to navigate to the “Settings” tab > Redeem Codes.

FarmVille 3 Redeem Codes 2021 and Reroll Guide

As far as I know, these codes are ideally put out by them on their social platforms. The codes are released after they have reached a certain milestone, any special event or festival, any live stream event, or just a general giveaway.

Whatever it may be, check out their socials [Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube] to get the details directly from them if you wish to do so.

FarmVille 3 Reroll or Not?

I have played FarmVille 3 up to level 5 and it takes a decent time to reach there. I would highly advise not to reroll in this game as it is not viable at all. simply play the game and enjoy the redeem codes as they come.

If you still want to clear data or do an account reset do the following:

  • Tap Home icon (emulator/android)
  • Go to settings
  • look for Apps options
  • Locate FarmVille 3 and clear data.

FarmVille 3 Redeem Codes 2021 and Reroll Guide

Now repeat the same process until you get what you want for the perfect account.

WARNING: Take note that hard resetting the game may result in lost progress. Do this method of rerolling only if you are not satisfied with the current progress of the game. If you got a good start, I would not recommend that you reroll!

FarmVille 3 Stuck at loading – How To Fix

There is a fix for FarmVille 3 not loading up. This method works for mobile devices as well as emulators.

Use emulators at your own risk, and if you do use that, make sure to support the developers as well. Having that said, to fix the game getting stuck at loading do the following:

  • DO NOT QUIT the game
  • Press the Home Button for emulator/Mobile devices
  • Search for the FarmVille 3 Icon on the screen
  • Click or tap on that and open it
  • If you did this in order, the frozen screen or loading bar will begin to progress again.

This is a neat way to hard load the game and does not require you to clear cache/data or quit the game at all. Do give this a try if the problem occurs to you as well.

About FarmVille 3

The game was on Facebook before this, but it shut down. I am glad to see it back on the Android and iOS platforms. In this day and age, the need for Zen games has become ever so important just to wind off.

Start your own animal farm from the ground up by breeding and building a thriving farm! You build the farm and decide which baby animals to raise and breed. You choose which animal habitats to renovate and where to expand your farm.

It’s up to you to build the biggest, most impressive animal farm for breeding and farming in all the village. Enjoy the latest in a line of amazing farm games and harvest games from Zynga! That brings me to the new additions and aspects of this game.


In this update, you will be getting the following features and ads:
  • Players can now ask for help filling Orders from the Order Board
  • The County Fair now offers additional rewards such as temporary boosts to your Barn & Silo space
  • Play the game between Nov 4th and Nov. 18th to earn unique decorations for your farm

That is all I am sharing in this guide on How to Redeem Codes and Reroll in FarmVille 3. Do mention in the comments if you have any doubts or suggestions to give.

I usually reply within 24 hours so do not hesitate to do so. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

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