FIFA 21 | All Secret Controls and Special Moves Guide

How is everyone doing? Welcome back to another post where we will be discussing all the secret controls in FIFA 21 which the game doesn’t talk about. We are going to talk about all the special things you can do in this game so read patiently and leave us your comments about how you liked this post. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

All Secret Controls and Special Moves You Can Do In FIFA 21

Stop and Rewind Time

How many times when playing a FIFA game did you wish that you could stop time or rewind time? Guess what? You can do this in FIFA 21 and it’s absolutely fantastic! Just imagine that you have messed something up like taking a too powerful shot where the ball goes over the goal or wide. You would love to have one more attempt at the given scenario and with the rewind and try again option in FIFA 21 that is exactly what you can do! All you have to do is press and hold L2+R2 on your PlayStation controller LT+RT on your Xbox One controller and press the options or start button. This will start a replay. It looks like a replay option of the previous Fifa’s but actually now is a rewind function and you will be able to go back a few seconds and repeat the action again. Note that this feature of the game will be available only in Kick-off mode and not online. This will help you so much in developing your game. This is one of the best additions to the game this year by EA Sports and uses it anywhere you want to!

Creative Runs

Next up we have got another awesome feature for you. The Creative Runs. We used to have the way back in FIFA 05 and they were superb! You can control the player making a run. You can tell him in which direction to run thus opening up space in attack and adding more variety, putting more problems to defenders. All you have to do is after telling your player to make a run with the L1 from PS4 or LB from Xbox One, move the right analog(the right stick), flick it one time in the direction you want your teammate to make the run. That is very important because he will change his direction accordingly, making it easier to score a goal.

Now another incredible option with the creative runs is that you can actually, manually move the player(without the ball) in any direction! All you have to do is press and hold the right stick and the left stick. You will see a triangle on top of your player and that means that from the moment you pass the ball to your teammate, the control will not be passed to him but remain with you and you can move in any direction you want! Your teammate will be controlled by the AI and it will be a kind of basic movement. This is probably one of the greatest additions to FIFA 21 by EA Sports and will revolutionize how you play football!

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Hard Super Cancel

Next up on our list, we’ve got the Hard Super Cancel. How many times did you wish that you could cancel the movement of your player? For example, you go on a counter-attack and you do a through ball. But your player is in an off-side position but another player who is making a run towards the ball is not in an off-side position. Here you need to hard super cancel the movement of the former. You had the cancel option previously with the L2 and R2 now you have the hard super cancel. At least that’s what they are calling it. Sounds super effective! Just press and hold R1+L1+R2+L2, i.e. all the buttons at the back of the PlayStation or the Xbox One controller, and your player will stop the run giving the other player the opportunity to make the run and use the through ball to get into a goal-scoring situation.

Cancel Full Advantage

Now we’ve got the Cancel Full Advantage option. Previously in Fifa 20, you needed to take the hands off the controller in order to refuse the advantage rule after a foul was committed on your player. Now you have the option to press and hold R2+L2 and cancel the full advantage. Again it is a nice option because sometimes you just want to get the free-kick. You do not want to get the advantage.

Agile Dribbling

This is also another brand new feature of FIFA 21. Just press and hold R1 or Rb on your controllers and move the left analog. There are many variations of how you can use agile dribbling. It helps you a lot in fooling defenders with special moves/tricks(I call ’em “Moves Like Jagger”). You get the idea right? Very effective and very deadly if performed right.

Instant Hard Tackle

Another secret feature we’re going to talk about is the Instant Hard Tackle. It is effective in only a certain number of scenarios. Usually, in order to make a hard tackle, you have to press and hold the standing tackle for a bit longer. But if you press and hold R1 + Standing Tackle you will do an instant hard tackle. So you don’t have to waste the load time. This is why the instant hard tackle is an interesting feature.

Whipped Cross

Last but not least we’ve got the Whipped Cross guys! In order to perform the Whipped Cross, you will have to press and hold the R1+L1+The square button on your PS4 controller and you will be able to do it, which is going to be a more effective cross on FIFA 21. The more attacking options there are, the more goals you will be able to score.

That’s it for now, that’s all we have for you in this post. Please let us know how you liked this guide. We will be definitely back with more such fun articles just for our followers and faithful users. Till then check out our latest guides and have fun!

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