FIFA 21 | How To Perform Knuckleball/Power Free Kick

By the end of this tutorial you will view Knuckleball/Power Free Kicks completely differently, so read the full guide. Free kicks in Fifa is one of the most under-analyzed aspects of the game. Mainly because it’s so complex and hard to break down in simple terms. One such move is the knuckleball free kick. We have here a full guide for you in the most rudimentary terms so that you can perform a knuckleball free kick most effectively anytime you want. Check this out!

How To Perform The Knuckleball Freekick Effectively In Fifa 2021

The Knuckleball

The knuckleball free kick is where the ball moves in a meandering snake-like fashion which makes for the goalkeeper really hard to save a goal. The thing to keep in mind is that a knuckleball free kick is really easy to miss and will only go in randomly when you are just trying to learn it. The best place to learn these free kicks is not the skill games but the practice arena. Just take the ball anywhere and press the D pad on your controller to practice a free kick. This free kick works best from a long range distance because the ball travels very fast and needs to dip down goal-wards.

Where To Use?

The ideal range to use this free kick is within 30 to 40 yards. But you can also use this free kick from anywhere provided you time it right. You can even use these free kicks in zero-angle situations near the wings where your opponents expect you to cross the ball in. Before you take the free kick you can also change the standing positions of your player by adjusting the right stick left/right. The different positions of the kick takers will have different effects on the kick. In our opinion the default position or a straight standing position will give the best results.

Where To Aim?

This is the most important aspect of performing an effective knuckleball free kick. The top right hand corner of the goal is the ideal spot to aim at. The reason being it’s the hardest spot for the goalkeeper to make a save and you can expect maximum results while aiming here. Your aim should change accordingly when you are up against good online players. They will move their goalkeeper left and right and you will have to adjust accordingly while targeting. But with a decent amount of practice you will get good over time.

The Controls

Now we will explain to you what buttons you have to press these free kicks. The controls of these free kicks are really quite hard so a little attention please! Now the left stick of your controller is used to aim the circle around. This circle is used to put the aim on the goal. As soon as you put the aim on the spot of the goal press the Shoot button to power up your shot. This will immediately lock the place where you want to take the shot. When you do this your player will start moving towards the ball. All you have to do now quickly is flick your right stick down, up and down back again. When you do this you will see your aiming circle will show the animation of a white circle with a plus sign in it. This is the sign of a knuckleball free kick.

Shot Power

Now the shot power is also very important because it will dictate the amount of swing on the ball. Too little or too much power will end up in a miss. The best shot power is 3 bars of power on closer range free kicks and for longer range free kicks it is 3 and a half bars of power. More power means more swing but then your free kick will also be inaccurate and it’s more of a high risk high reward thing. If the distance from goal is more than 35 yards then 3 and a half bars of power is ideal to beat the goalkeeper.

Timing Of The Free Kicks

Now this section of the guide is a little advanced. But if you want to reduce the random effectiveness of the knuckleball free kick then just practice this slowly until you perfect it. Just do everything mentioned above and just before the kick taker touches the ball, press Shoot again. That is Aim>Lock>Down-Up-Down>Shoot. Do this just before the player is about to touch the ball. The perfect knuckleball free kick will show a green symbol(circle with plus sign) and the inaccurate free kick will show a red sign. I know it’s too much to ask of a layman but practice slowly and then you will be able to perform just the perfect knuckleball free kick every time.

Who To Use?

Finally you also have to choose the correct player before you perform these free kicks. To change the kick taker just press the RT R2 button and a menu pops up. Now with this menu you can compare the stats of all the players on your team to select the best player to take the free kick. The two stats you are looking for is the free kick accuracy and shot power. We recommend you prioritize shot power over accuracy since it is more important while performing the knuckleball free kick.

This instructional guide will help you to score the perfect screamer. I hope all your doubts regarding the knuckleball free kick in Fifa 21 has been cleared. I know it can be hard at first but practice makes perfect. We do hope you liked this guide. Thank you for reading and keep an eye on our Latest Posts section to check out more fun guides. Cheers!

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