FIFA 21 – How To Switch Players (Keyboard & Console)

Knowing how to switch players in FIFA 21 can make a huge difference on Defense/Offense. For Defensive tactics, switching a player at the right moment can become clutch to save a lot of goals. On the other hand, the same goes if you are on the attack! Strangely, EA Sports has not made switching easy this time around, so I decided to make it a bit easy for all those who wish to know how to efficiently do it. Read on…

How To Switch Players in FIFA 21 (Using Keyboard & Consoles)

Using Keyboard

To use a keyboard to switch players, first, you need to set up a couple of things in the settings. Go to the game settings and change the Auto Switching from “Auto” to “Air Balls and Loose Balls”. You can also put this on “Manual” depending on preference. This entire guide involves Right-Stick Switching so Auto is not relevant to us at all. You should also turn off Auto options which will be listed below the above settings. This will give you more control over the ball and the player.

Now what you need to do is change “Right-Stick Switching” to “Ball Relative”. You can also use “Player Relative” depending on how you like the switching perspective to work. Here are the Keyboard keybinds I use in FIFA 21. You can Switch Player using “CTRL” which is basically L1/LB for consoles. Here, we will use Right-Stick Switching, which means we will be pressing 1,2,3,4 (Relevant to my settings) to switch players. You can use whatever Right Stick keys you are using for the Keyboard to do the same.

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Using Console (XBOX or PS)

As mentioned earlier, for Console users, it should be L1/LB or The Right-Stick Directions for Controlling and Switching players. All you need to do is change the settings as shown and mentioned above. The only issue with using L1/LB is if you spam it too much, the switching can get out of hand, and you can concede or miss a goal in the process.

Pros and Cons of Right-Stick Switching

Right-Stick switching is easy once you get a good grip of it. Initially, you may change to wrong players, which is totally fine. Once you practice and get the hang of it, it will provide you superior control on the field and make your defense and offense much more easier. Try to use a combination of Player change and team mate pressure to use it for optimal defense.

The only Con as I mentioned earlier, is that this can be tricky to learn. You will often switch to wrong players if you do it out of panic. This can mess up the game entirely for you. One other thing is that if you bind the wrong set of keys on Keyboard, pressing them can be a tough task. I would highly advise you to bind those keys on keyboard which will give you proper relevance as to the Directions of the game. You can use my binds to check if it works for you.

On that note, I will conclude this guide on Switching Players in FIFA 21 for Both Keyboard and Consoles. If this article helped you out in any way, or you have any general suggestions or questions, do let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with a new guide!

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