FIFA 22: How to Unlock Isco Flashback Edition SBC

The recent announcement by EA Sports concerning the break up with FIFA over the release of future games has made all gamers nostalgic. FIFA has been such a huge part of the footballing community ever since its inception.

Currently, FIFA 22 is busy with its ‘Team Of The Season (TOTS)’ updates and player cards. Another nice addition around this time of the year concerns the ‘Flashback’ edition of players, which highlights the best versions of players in the recent past.

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FIFA 22 introduced a 93-rated Flashback card of Real Madrid midfielder and current outcast Isco. It is reminiscent of the 2018 season when Isco was one of the best players in Europe. The Flashback card is an upgrade in the skills department, rather than having a higher overall rating.

Moreover, it is extremely unlikely that Isco’s current TOTS card will appeal to many players. Therefore, they are likely to stick with the Flashback edition, and the following guide will help you complete the squad-building challenge (SBC) required to unlock the card. 

FIFA 22: Ways to complete Isco Flashback SBC in Ultimate Team

In order to receive the Flashback Isco card, there is some work to be done beforehand. Players have to construct three different squads in the Ultimate Team section. These three are squads for Spain, Real Madrid, and La Liga respectively. This is how it can be done and the prizes for getting each squad made:

  • Spain: Squad rating-86, chemistry- min.60, min. one TOTW card, and min. Spanish player.

Rewards: Gold players pack (jumbo premium)

  • La Liga: squad rating-88, chemistry-min. 40, min. one La Liga card

Rewards: Gold players pack (Small rare)

  •  Real Madrid: squad rating-85, chemistry- min. 70, min. one player from Real Madrid

Rewards: Mixed players pack (Prime)

Players needing to create these squads from scratch will require at least 297,050 to 323,050 FUT coins. It will be the same for any platform you choose to play the game on.

The event of Flashback Isco edition will be active till June 3. Therefore, there is time to prepare craft cards which will save you the cost of that many FUT coins.

However, it may be worthwhile to get the Flashback edition of Isco, given its significant upgrade from the original 83-rating gold card in the game. Some of the most notable improvements include: 

  • Pace +23
  • Physical +13
  • Passing +11
  • Shooting +14
  • Dribbling +11

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Therefore, this card will give players a lot of power in one-on-one situations during games. However, the defense will take a hit with a 50-rating. This is where you can use the “hawk” chemistry style which will upgrade Isco offensively. Some stats which will see improvements are: 

  • Shooting +6
  • Physical +5
  • Pace +5

There you have it, everything needed to complete the SBC for Flashback Isco. No doubt the game will keep blessing us with more such cards, that are extremely powerful.

Granted, they all cost a significant amount of money. However, players can choose to bide their time and develop the correct tools needed in order to do it in a more cost-effective manner. So, make sure that you are well aware of all the various possibilities and tricks. 

Last Updated on May 22, 2022

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