Figure Fantasy Beginner Guide, Tips, and Strategy

In this Figure Fantasy Beginner Guide, I will share some Tips, and Strategies to help you get started on the right foot. Figure Fantasy is a 3D figurine-themed idle mobile game.

In this 3D world, you’ll become the figurines’ master, and experience a wonderful adventure in their miniature world.  You will be able to collect several figurines, engage in strategic battles, and enjoy a simple Idle gameplay.

This post will include progressing properly, farming materials, unlocking new figurines and more content as you go along. Let’s dive in!

Figure Fantasy Beginner Guide, Tips, and Strategy

figure fantasy beginner guides

Progress and Unlock Adventure Content

You have to unlock new chapters or content as you go along in the game. If you do not do that, it will stop or slow down your progress inside the game. Each chapter will have sub-chapters. For example, chapter 8 has 8-1, 8-2, and so on.

Make sure you are progressing properly within these as well. Do them daily, until you unlock the entire content for the Adventure part of the game. Also, doing these will grant you decent rewards and in-game currency as well.

Guide To Get/Reroll Decent Figurines

To progress properly in this game, you need to get good Figurines related to higher rarity. Now, when you start the game, you will be given some decent figurines. I would advice you to level them up until you can get some better ones.

By better I mean DPS and Healers. You will need some decent DPS figurines to do damage, and some good Healer figurines to out-sustain the opponent. Some example of High DPS and Healer figurines are:

  • Zarola [DPS]
  • Vazorwyn [DPS]
  • Umei Mizuno [Starter Healer/ Swap out later]
  • Zephyr [Dependable healer to have]

You can later pull for other good figurines or do rerolls to get a decent set of them from the start.

Guide for Promoting Figurines

Promoting Figurines is very important to increase their overall stats. To promote a particular figurine, you will need several copies of that character.

The highest level I have seen so far is Red/Pink. If I get to know more about the ratings and rankings, I will let you know. You can also use the “Quick Promote” feature in Figure Fantasy  at the bottom-right of the screen to promote figurines with duplicate cards.

This is also a good way to save some time. Otherwise you will have to manually select each figurine and apply duplicates to them to promote them. This will basically boost their stats and power. It will ultimately help you to clear stages quicker and outlast opponents.

In the highest rarities, you can use other characters to promote a particular character. This will only happen for the Red/highest rarity and not for others so take note of that.

Upgrading Levels of Figurines

figurine upgrade figure fantasy

Increasing the level of your heroes as a beginner is also the next important part to progress in the game. Upgrading requires you to use particular currencies in the game. Usually they are:

  • Lucky Coins lucky coin
  • Clover Sticker clover sticker

Lucky Coins have a lot of sources to get them from. I wont be dedicating any one source since you will have abundance of them. What you will be farming are Clover Stickers. Along with the stickers, you should also farm Stamps.

To Farm Clover Stickers, you would want to do the final battle repeatedly. That of course means you need to unlock it in the first place. So, make sure you do that as soon as you can. You can also get them from Idle Rewards.

To get Stamps, look for them in Nightmare, Final Battle, and Idle Rewards. There are hard to obtain but they are doable. So do not give up on them and make sure to do it as well.

Guide To Unlock and Level Up Skills and Levels [Design Letters]

To increase the effectiveness of a hero or figurine in Figure Fantasy, you need to unlock its skill sets. You can do this from the “Design Letters” tab. Also, level them up as much as you want to make them the most effective in battles.

Unlocking these can take time since you need to do specific activities for this. These are called “Sacred Tours” and are important to the game.

To do a clean run of Sacred Tour, get 3 Stars for each chapter to get the clean sweep. Otherwise you may have to redo it again.

In sacred tours, you will be given a defined number of heroes. Your only task is to know where to place them in the given places. You will see certain objectives at the left hand side of the screen.

Try to get all of them to clean sweep the stage. For example the objectives you will be given are:

  • Achieve Victory
  • 3 allied Figurine (s) Survive
  • Finish Battle in 15 seconds

Completing these will ultimate give you stage specific rewards and skill items to unlock skills for your figurines.

Farm and Upgrade your Gears/Equipment [Parts]

Gears in this game are called ‘Parts’. Once you select a figurine, you can see a tab besides it known as Parts. Select that and you will enter the menu for all the gear currently equipped by the figurine. You main objective here is to upgrade them.

Look for Set bonuses. These increase the overall stats for the figurines in and can be very effective in game. I would advise you, especially if you are a Beginner, to go for these gears instead of the normal ones to add some stats boost for the figurines.

Here is how one should look:

set bonus property figure fantasy

These gears can be found in the story, or in the adventure. So make sure to get them as go along with the main quest and story.

Guide To Farm Badges

Badges are additional passive skills that you receive while equipping them. You can equip them from the “Parts” tab. Most of these badges can be farmed in the Final Battle. You can also get badges from the shop using Club friendship Coins.

So make sure to join a Club. After that you can simply farm for them either way, to get a decent lot of them. Later on, you can view these badges from Badge gallery, under Gallery. 

Level Up The Otaku

You can find “The Otaku Zone” at the bottom of the main screen. This is basically a display portion for your figurines. But The Otaku Zone also serves the purpose of Boosting Power of Figurines.

For example, If you place Green Rarity Figurines in the Otaku and you have the rest of the Figurines at level 65-70, then the green rarities will also become 65-70. This is a unique feature of the otaku and can come in very handy!

To Unlock the Otaku, you need to farm Tool Boxes. Tool Boxes are found in Nightmare and Sacred Tour, so make sure you do them regularly to have enough of them. Then use them to expand the Otaku and put out more shelves for extra figurines:

otaku zone figure fantasy

NOTE: Skills still need to be levelled up separately. They do not increase using the Otaku. You can only ramp up the level of other figurines using this method

Other Important Tips and Guides

Spend your diamonds. I cannot stress this enough but you should use the diamonds in a feasible way especially for a Beginner. You will getting decent amounts of them so you should use them to pull for heroes.

That is because you need a lot of figurine duplicates to level up in Figure Fantasy.

Farm Gems as much as you can. That is because you will need a lot of them to progress as I mentioned earlier. You can farm them as you play along and progress through the stages. 

Do side events. Complete these events as much as you want. These give a lot of rewards and other important items and resources so do not forget to do them on a daily basis. 

figure fantasy side events

Check out the store often. The store brings a lot of valuables every now and then. If you can find a deal that really catches your eye, and is useful for you, snag that as soon as you can. This is where saving up gems will also come in handy.

Expand the Team beyond 5. I will highly advise you to not limit the team to only 5 since that is mostly what you need. To do higher missions you will need more, if not all of the units.

For final battles, you may need even 9. Hence, keep more figurines in your team, and level them up effectively for end content.

That is all I am sharing in this Figure Fantasy beginner guide. Leave your doubts or suggestions in the comments below. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

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