Figure Fantasy – Diamond/Gems Farming Guide

In Figure Fantasy, Diamonds/gems are used for a number of reasons. Farming recruits, getting Fishbones, and other activites can be done using diamonds/gems. In this guide, I will show you how you can farm diamonds/gems, and some tips to get more as well.

figure fantasy diamond farming guide

Figure Fantasy Diamonds/Gems Farming Guide and Tips

There are various sources to farm Diamonds or gems in figure fantasy. I will show a general cart of activites and the total gems you can get from them. Each task or activity has its own set of diamonds or gems It can reward you.

Diamond/Gems Farming Activities or Tasks List⇓

Do these specific activities to get the said number of Figure Fantasy Gems in the game. Finally check the total number also for ease of reference:

  • Daily Tasks – 120 gems x 30 days = 3600 gems/month
  • Weekly tasks – 300 gems x 4 weeks = 1200 gems/month
  • Daily sign-in – 1200 gems for 10 days x 3 = 3600 gems/month
  • Wishlist – 500 gems x 4 weeks = 2000 gems/month
  • Brawl Club Daily – 20 gems x 30 days = 600 gems/month
  • Brawl Club Season – 200 gems/month
  • Total gems/Diamonds per month – 11200/month

I will explain some topics in the following sub-sections so do take note on them if you want.

Daily and Weekly Tasks⇓

You can find this tab in Tasks > Right-Side of mainscreen. After you enter there, you will see three tabs. Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, and Main Story. The first two are the ones to look for at the begining of Figure Fantasy.

  • Daily Tasks – Claim diamonds daily (low in number)
  • Weekly Tasks – get diamonds or gems weekly (higher in number)

Daily Sign-In⇓

figure fantasy diamond farming guide

Your daily sign-in should be located at the top-right of the main screen > click on Ilrendt’s Work (Moe Store) > This is Tile located at the top. You can then side scroll for various rewards, and claim daily-sign in rewards for free gems.

This is mainly an event of logging in. If you can login for 10days, you get 1200 gems per month from this alone. So I highly recommend that you check out this tab and claim the diamonds as soon as you can.

  • Login daily – claim free gems from Moe Store
  • 10 days event- total of 1200 gems
  • Replenishes every 10 day – 3 x gems per month

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figure fantasy diamond farming guide

Your wishlist is located besides the Gift tab. Click on it and you will be presented with a list of option to pick. I try to pick Gems as my reward. 1000 gems is what you can get from the wishlist. Basically:

  • 500 gems – per week
  • 4×500 gems – per month
  • Total gems – 2000/month

Brawl Club (Daily and Seasonal)⇓

Brawl club unlocks for you after Adventure 3-15. Inside the brawl club, you will be receiving ranking rewards. Placing in higher brackets will get you more gems. For season rewards, the lowest gems is 100 and you get more as you get placed higher.

  • Daily gem Rewards – Start from 100 and get higher with ranking placements
  • Season gem rewards – 100 gems to start with and goes higher up with placements

Stage Clear Rewards⇓

This option can be found at the bottom-left of the screen. Click on that options and you can receive rewards after rach chapter clear:

  • Not all chapters grant gem rewards
  • Check for specific chapters or parts – Complete them and claim diamonds from here

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Main Story⇓

This tab can be found inside the “tasks” option. You can open the main story tab and check all the options:

  • Main story progress – clear main story and claim gem rewards from left side 
  • Side Stories – You can claim gems from side stories as well.
  • Do certain tasks like levelling up figurines to 40, Opening Otaku committee, etc. These will give you free rewards

figure fantasy diamond farming guide

Doing Nightmares and Big Three⇓

You can get diamonds/gems from doing certain stages on nightmares and big three also.

  • Certain level grant diamonds in nightmares
  • Check the rewards after clicking the stage from left tabs
  • Final battle can also grant you diamonds

Do let’s red, galatea, and tenma stages to get gems:

  • Certain stages in Big Three grant diamonds
  • 13F – Galatea
  • 15F – Let’s Red
  • 13F – Tenma

There are more stages like these that grant the rewards. Check for them and do them to collect a lot of rewards along with gems.

Sacred Tour and Otaku⇓

You can get diamonds from both sacred tour and the otaku:

  • As long as you get 1 star in sacret tour stage, you can receive the reward
  • Every Battle Reward – Get a chance of guaranteed diamond

For Otaku Rewards:

  • Objective Reward – Gives free diamonds
  • Click on the smiley face > left side screen
  • Comfort tab > Roll for a chance to win free gems – Has a cooldown after a single roll

Collector List⇓

figure fantasy diamond farming guide

Collector List unlocks after chapter 5 -1 of Figure Fantasy. This is easier to progress in, and is quite rewarding when it comes to diamonds or gems.

  • Each Collection activity grants you 50 gems
  • The activity status will change and the diamond will be claimable
  • Check Collector List from time to time and complete them

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These are the main sources to farm diamonds/gems in Figure Fantasy. Do let me know in the comment section if you have any doubts. I will try to anwer them to the best of my knowledge. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

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Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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