Final Gear Crystal Farm Guide, Codes, and Tips

If you are playing Final Gear for some time now, you may have noticed the importance of Crystals in the game. A lot of important purchases in Final Gear are done by Crystals which are the main currency in the game.

In this guide, I will show you how you can farm crystals, some of the codes to redeem free crystals, and some more tips on how to get more of them. If you have your own methods which are not listed in this guide, do not forget to mention that in the comments below.

Final Gear Crystal Farm Guide, Codes, and Tips

Crystal farm guides and tips

Complete Daily Requests to Farm Crystals

Completing daily request reward you with a lot of Crystals to start off with. These come in the form of 100 crystals + 150 from the box that the daily request gives you. Along with other rewards, you will also get a daily request box.

This box will give you an additional 150 Crystals along with the 100 crystals you can farm from daily requests. So a total of 250 Crystals from doing daily requests alone.

The extra box you get from daily requests gets stored in the Warehouse. Simply open the warehouse and open the box to claim your precious rewards. This is also known as Crystal Crate which grants you a separate 150 crystals.

To sum it up, by only doing daily requests, you can get nearly 7,500 crystals each month if you are regular with the tasks. This is a tough farm to be consistent all month but that is what farms are for.

Check-in Rewards

You will be able to claim 5 crates of 150 crystals each if you are regular with the Check-in Rewards. After claiming all the rewards, you are also granted 500 Bonus crystals at the end of the Check-in rewards page.

This will bring your total from check-in rewards to 1,250 crystals. A great way to save up a lot of currency using this method in my opinion. And all of this is done using less effort, which I find very convenient to do.

Clearing the Story Mode/Missions

Just like any other RPG Gacha-story game, Final Gear also rewards players with in-game currency if they go on completing missions in the story. Usually, you will get 150 Crystals if can simply complete them one by one.

You should be able to track the progress from the right-side of the Story/mission screen. Claim the rewards the same way as well. Some missions are level locked so plan them at your own pace.

Farming Plan of Blacark

The amount of crystals you can farm in Plan of Blacark is not very significant. But the number of missions/quests is large in number, so you can do as many of them as you want to gather a decent number of crystals.

Simply track your progress from this tab and you will receive reward points along with crystals. Instead of claiming one by one, do a bulk of them and click on “Claim All” to gather all the crystals and rewards.

Completing trophies

There are particular missions you need to do to unlock these trophies. For example, to unlock the “Growing Stronger” Trophy, you need to level up 12 pilots to LV.20. Once you do that, come to the tab shown above and claim the crystals as a reward.

There are a lot of other trophies that are easy to complete, so you can gather a lot of crystals from here as well.

All coupon/promo codes so far in Final Gear

You can get a lot of Crystals by simply redeeming coupon/promo codes in the game. To do that, go to the “settings” tab and look below. You should find an option called “Enter Activation Code”.

Click on that and you will be presented with a screen to enter promotional codes. You can enter any code there to get free Crystals. The developers keep releasing codes on their social platforms so make sure to follow that as well.

Here is the list of codes that have been released so far:

Creator codes

  • YDCBGames
  • Trashtaste
  • MG3000
  • Mtashed
  • MangoSeven
  • ChaOtik
  • SomeMoe
  • MechaGaikotsu
  • GachaGamer
  • CDawgVA
  • ShortlyBlueJova
  • VinIsHere
  • BorkonoGaming
  • Blitz

Crystals (gems) Codes

  • FGCC10A1 (150 Free Crystals)
  • FGCC10B1 (150 Free Crystals)
  • FGCC10C1 (150 Free Crystals)
  • FGSNS001 (300 Free Crystals)

PAC Only

  • FGSNS002 (1500 paid Crystals)

Completing Events

Events will include seasonal events, battle passes, Novice Missions, Top-Up Rewards, Skin Discounts, and more. You will be given certain mech suits which you need to complete.

If you do them in time, you can receive a lot of crystals as a reward. Clear missions, follow requirements and claim the rewards. As simple as it can be in this section. The reward count can range from 150 to 200 Crystals so a definite must-do in my opinion.

Increasing fondness level of the pilots

If you are able to increase the fondness level of your pilots, they will end up rewarding you with a lot of crystals. Basically, if you hit Bond Level 5 for any character, it will grant you 200 x crystals.

Fondness Levels can be tracked using a bar on the right side of the screen. This is designated by “F Rating” for each pilot. Their Corresponding rewards can be tracked from the window just to the left of it:

The main concept to increase the F Rating of the pilots is to provide them with gifts. These gifts are ranked SSR, SR, and so on depending on the rarity, SSR being the top. Ideally, increase the F rating for those pilots who are or will be your main DPS for the game. Basically, these will be the characters you main in Final Gear.

Those are all the methods that I can think of currently to farm crystals in Final Gear. If you find out more methods to earn/get crystals quickly, do mention that in the comments below. I will be sure to share that with the community to help them out as well. Also. do let me know how you are enjoying Final Gear in general.

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