Fortnite – How To Play Like Tfue!

Fortnite has become one of the most played games on the planet, and has grown greatly over time. It has introduced many great players to the world. But when it comes to the best of the best, The name “Tfue” is almost always mentioned. Those who wish to have an approach like him in Fortnite often find it hard to figure out as to how to play like Tfue?

His temperament and play style can be elusive at times, so this Fortnite – How to play like Tfue guide will help you to have a rough idea about his play style, approach and depending on personal choice, Tfue’s Keybinds, peripherals & Settings as well.

I will be putting in, my personal adaptations with Tfue’s play style and keybinds to help you a bit more.


Here is how Tfue uses his fingers for different buttons:

  • RING FINGER : Esc, 1, 2, Tab, Caps Lock, Q, A, Z
  • INDEX FINGER : 3, 4, 5, 6, E, R, T, D, F, G
  • THUMB : Left ALT, Space Bar, X, C, V, B, M

I Keep my “push to talk” on Left Alt, “map” on B and my “Emote” on G.


This is Tfue’s mouse and keyboard placement :

If you dont have the room to do a 90degree keyboard turn like this, you can keep it at a 45degree angle towards the left and manage to do the same thing quite easily.




When it comes to landing spots, Tfue tends to land and stick to areas from where he can do rotations. For example if he lands on the barns of Fatal Field, he will rotate in a clockwise manner. His further movements depend on the circle formation. Usually i had little to no rotations when i started playing, but by having a rotation, i can now almost always end up with decent loot and materials to pick a fight after a few mins of quick farming. There are many rotations that you can do. I personally prefer the Fatal FIelds rotation. Here is a Video which show when and how to do rotations.



Usually his harvesting tool is 1, then the subsequent weapon slots are from 2-6 respectively. One thing to note here is that, he places the shotgun at button 3 and an smg at button 4. What this does is, it helps him to switch to his smg as soon as he fires a shotgun shot. This ensures a high amount of damage at a very short period of time. I Personally, have tried it and found decent success in it. With a bit of practice you will do just fine with this setting as well or change it to something as per your convenience.



This is one thing which i think is not restricted to only Tfue, but it is done by almost all the professional Fortnite players. Its the Shoot and build tactic. As soon as you shoot your shotgun or any other gun, build up the muscle memory to build instantly after that to gain a higher ground and/or protect yourself from enemy fire. What Tfue does different and what i have learnt from him is, he builds a wall then a ramp to go up, then continues to build the ramp-floor-wall or do 90degree turns until he knows he has the higher ground control. He also uses an advanced variation of this called the double ramp-floor-wall rush. Here is a Full Video Guide of how and when to do ramp rushes. You may also want to practice Editing as quickly as possible. Mongraal’s Edit course is a good way to practice that as well. Here is the edit course code : 0643-0361-6954.



One other thing Tfue does best is the use of new and unique metas, which catches his opponents totally off-guard. I myself have tried some of the metas that he uses and have found success in doing so. For example there was a meta with Heavy sniper-Hunting rifle/bolt action & one other with Heavy sniper-rocket launcher which was proving to be extremely effective for him, and the ones who were using such metas. The difference between Tfue and other players in this matter is that, IF there is an effective META, Tfue will certainly use it to the fullest, whereas i have seen other players trying other variations or just playing simple.



With the amount of skill Tfue has managed to develop, he rarely loses a build fight. He always looks to be aggressive and push his opponents. But on those rare occasions where he does lose the high ground, i have seen many professional players panic and make foolish decisions, given the same situations. Let alone casual and medium gamers like me and you. But almost all the time, you will find Tfue not losing his cool and looking to regain high ground by very clever ways. Here is a Video which shows you how to take high ground like Tfue. This approach of a cool head and the will to regain high ground, has personally helped me a lot, so it will most certainly help you as well.



I know that doing flashy builds by keeping high sensitivity is a pretty cool thing to do, But Keep in mind that it messes up the Aim as well. What i have learnt from Tfue is that keeping a sensitivity and using the movement of your hand more, results in decent build speed and great aim! The ones who have spent decent hours in CS:GO know the value of having low sensitivity, so that tactic also helps here as well and Tfue has nearly perfected that art. Yes! many professional players can aim well with higher sensitivity but Tfue’s accuracy is deadlier as compared to them which is evident from the streams and the tourney wins he holds under his belt. Here is an Aim Trainer used by professionals to enhance their skills.



This may come in as a surprise to some people but having good game sense can be a game changer. Most of the time this will determine your chances of winning a game greatly. What game sense means, and what Tfue does best is that he tracks an opponent with great accuracy and most of the time knows where an attack will come from. This helps him to react to shots quicker and keep the high ground maintained for those deadly head-shots!

The knowledge of your surrounding and items enhances your game sense even more. This personally has helped me a lot, as knowing where the enemy rotations can come from changes the game on its head. Now you can take the time to setup traps or just ambush your unsuspecting opponent! here is a Detailed Video about Fortnite game sense to make it more clear.


I hope this guide on How to play like Tfue in Fortnite has helped you in someway to improve your game. The keybinds are optional and up-to personal preference to change it to your comfort.


thats all friends!



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