Generation Zero – Invisible Wall On Bridge Salthamn FIX


So, there is apparently an invisible wall on the bridge between the first Island and Salthamn.

Players have tried restarting, finishing all the quests on the first Island and singleplayer/coop but when they try to get over the bridge towards Salthamn there is an invisible wall blocking their path. Which they can’t find a way past, can’t swim across, or do anything else about it. (PS4 in particular). The Road to salthamn bridge in Generation zero can be tricky to find. Given below is the location of Salthamn Bridge :



Generation zero invisible wall on the bridge(Salthamn) Fix Method 1 :

  • This invisible wall glitch happens when people play during the streaming install and then close the game before it is fully installed. The wall is “saved”. The only way to remove it (before the devs get a fix in), is to reinstall, without playing until its done.
The invisible wall on bridge salthamn

Generation zero invisible wall on the bridge(Salthamn) Fix Method 2 :

  • The second and only workaround we know is if you jump off the bridge on the left, you should spawn on the land behind the wall.
    This is the only way to make it to the other side of the invisible wall so far. Jump off the left side of the bridge while hugging the wall will teleport you to the other side of the bridge. The number of enemies found on the other side are scarce in number so there may be an issue with the loading of enemies also as compared to the previous region.

credits: Avalanche_Kimchi (Dev)

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