Generation Zero – A.I – Info/Guide

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You will find them hoarding some police cars. Shoot those fuel tanks on their back. The military versions have a plate in-front of them, and they can be shot off. Engage from a distance as they can pounce you, which stuns you and deals damage. Some of them have grenade launchers, so pick covers wisely as not all covers will work.


A small flying robot, on the lookout for enemies navigating its surrounding. These robots have four alert megaphones on their head which allows them to alert  the entire area about you. Fortunately, these megaphones can be shot down, and are quite weak. As soon as you shoot that first, they become useless, and disposable within a few shots to the body.


A two footed robot, with a box looking torso. There would be a fuel tank on their backs, but its not on the military versions, and it doesn’t take any damage. So its  better  to just shoot at them relentlessly. They are heavy tanks so if the situation is not imminent, its best to avoid the hunters for the time being.


Buckshot dismisses them from their presence. There’s a tiny fuel tank on their backs, but shooting that is optional. They are too tiny and weak. SMG is also a pretty good alternative to buckshot. Sniping them is also an option if you need a challenge for yourself. They usually ‘one shot’ them.


Huge machines, escorted by their robot guard-dog. The prototypes have fuel tanks attached to their knees. Aiming and shooting there causes massive explosions after a few sniper shots. Keep this up and drop them quickly!


A  giant robot, standing on two legs, consisting of a massive gun, and a device with a a few holes in a pod between it’s legs.
The tact here is to dodge and thread around nearby building and shooting it in the fuel tank mounted on its back until it eventually explodes. Buckshot works well here but to an extent, as they are very tanky and eat up bullets like anything. Similar to the hunters, its best just to not mess with these unless its imminent.


1.Explore the interiors of buildings. They contain hidden loots.

2.Use flares to distract the robots.

3.Robots tend to not enter buildings or go through big doors so keep that in mind.

4.Silencers wont work if you don’t kill the robots fast enough.

5.Clothes affect your stats. For example wearing a light blue jacket will add to your stealth.

6.Ammo is not automatically sorted, so leave an inventory space open for any new ammo you manage to come across.
7.Always carry multiple adrenaline shots.

8.Most robots are faster than you, but they cannot scale things. Jump over obstacles and weave around trees and other objects if you want to evade and run away from them.

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