Generation Zero – Review and Before You Buy!


The much awaited release from Avalanche Studios finally came to the market with the release of GENERATION ZERO dating 26 March 2019. Avalanche studios! yes the developers of the famous Just Cause series and the underrated MAD MAX.
Let us look into the review of GENERATION ZERO and if you want to purchase it then this can help you decide either way..



Rarely noticeable save indication In the right upper corner, there is a small, white square flashing when the game is saving. We can trigger the auto save by simply clicking on anything in the inventory. But it lacks the manual save option so far. Which i think they will work upon.

Very monotonous world The game is supposed to have a feeling of abandonment and a dreaded feeling to the environment. But the world feels very repetitive with Robots and/or groups sprinkled around towns and interest points. . There is no wild life, and no NPCs. Players would be hoping to see more wilderness and life in the game.

A robot AI with low I.Q   There were instances where, the AI on the surface tried to shoot through the ground instead of coming around. Robots seem to just stand still while you’re staring back at them and not do anything. The players would appreciate some AI adjustments, like actually coming for you or waiting for you to come out and not do low I.Q things like try to shoot through the ground.

Weapon swapping slow Swapping between weapons/items is kind of delayed. Reloading takes a longer time, although there is a skill to speed it up. You cant cancel a reload, so in mid fight you can get in a messy situation, Not to miss the fact that MELEE WEAPON IS MISSING.

Delayed item transfer If you bring up your inventory and try to swap items around too fast right afterwards, the first click becomes sort of unresponsive.

Content deficit Besides the game being a bit less on the life side, this game is more of an Early Access game instead of an actual full release. And one will wonder what is there in the game besides looting and shooting robots whom you also have to kill in missions.

Key bindings They didn’t use a fairly accessible key to open the inventory, but they have put to use I & P to do the same thing, toggling crouch/aim can be a problem for some players, no quick key to go in and out of loot mode and no key for mass pickup.

Lack of cut-scenes The game basically launches you into the world without proper intro. The only thing they provide is a few paras to scroll down in  the beginning. That can be a turn off for some players.


Performance The game seems to run pretty  smooth , putting all at max, with motion blur off and Vsync on, and testing on an i7 6700k,1080ti, 32GB RAM, SSD 60hz monitor did not yield any stuttering, fps dips, or huge  CPU or GPU drains.

World lighting and vfxThe devs should be praised for the detail they have put in the world itself ignoring the lifelessness. From the world lighting to the fire VFX, the game looks great. Attention has been given to small details on the environment and the robots themselves.

Weather/day night cycle The game consists of a day and night cycle with thunderstorms in between which appears cool. Wind seems to have a variation of speeds also as you progress and play more.

Large variations of weapon and ammo The player can pick from a wide range of weapons depending on taste. Pistols, Magnums, SMGs, ARs, Rifles, RPGs, throwables, all come with their attachments to improve the weapon. Every gun has its own  ammo type and you can swap them depending on the situation. Weapons also have a durability rating combined with their Damage, Fire rate, and Accuracy. Game has a wise cosmetic option, with their own positive/negative effects such as how visible you are to the enemy.

Solo/Coop Play the game by your self or group up. Both aspects will be enjoyable with more emphasis to a group of friends in terms of having fun.

To Conclude and FOR THE BUYERS :
I think its too early in its release to decide the final fate of this game as patches and updated may help in fixing a lot of aspects that are currently missing. Avalance studios have names like Just Cause and Mad Max under their belt. Even-though this was a bit on the down side but its not that bad either.
Ultimately it all comes down to the buyer and a matter of personal taste as well.
I will leave the purchase link here for the interested ones : STEAM LINK

I hope this edition of review and Before You Buy helped clear the cobwebs of doubt. And in the process helps you decide or just fetch some general information!

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