Girl Café Gun | Weapons Tier List, Banners, and Types

Apart from character cards, weapons are among the most important things to choose while scrambling your teams in Girl Café Gun. This guide sheds light on the different types of weapons and how you can acquire them.

You will also get to know about the Tier List of these weapons and how to do gachas with them. In short, this guide encompasses all you need to know about weapons in the game Girl Café Gun. So have a look at it.

Girl Café Gun Weapons Tier List, Banners, and Types⇓

Girl Cafe Gun Weapons Tier List⇓

  • The water of Destiny – Tier 1
  • Laser Pistol – Tier 1
  • Frontline Warrior – Tier 1
  • Directional Cannon – Tier 1
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Tier 2
  • The Hive – Tier 2
  • Star Beacon – Tier 2
  • Ruthless Healer – Tier 2
  • Hell’s Fang – Tier 2
  • Guiding Star – Tier 2
  • Gravity Compass – Tier 2
  • Fiery Thorns – Tier 2
  • Cruelty Maker – Tier 2
  • Beam Rifle – Tier 2
  • Wraith of Jealousy – Tier 3
  • Wolf of Nomads – Tier 3
  • Tesla Aurora – Tier 3
  • Ruthless Rifle – Tier 3
  • Precision Rifle – Tier 3
  • Luciferin – Tier 3
  • Galaxy Star – Tier 3
  • Double Justice – Tier 3
  • Deadly Blaster – Tier 3
  • Abyssal Hammer – Tier 3
  • Pale Dragonbreath – Tier 3
  • Red Lotus – Tier 4
  • Artemis – Tier 4

GCG Weapon Types⇓

Let us start by having a look at the different options available in the game. Just like in real life, every weapon is classified into a different type based on its common properties.

Please do note that you can only use a weapon with a matching character card, as weapons are card-specific. There are 5 different types of weapons in the game and they are:

  • Auto Rifle

This weapon type has a high shooting speed and medium crit rate. It usually deals a little less damage compared to certain other types. Similar to the modern-day assault rifle.

  • Grenade Launcher

Compared to the rifle, this weapon has a slower shooting speed. However, it more than makes up for its high damage and considerable stagger.

  • Pistol

The pistol has a high shooting rate but causes low damage for every shot. However, it has a considerable stagger rate.

  • Shotgun

This is a somewhat all-rounded weapon. It can deal considerable damage plus for every pull of the trigger, it can shoot 5/6 spreading shots.

  • Sniper Rifle

This has the lowest shooting speed. But it has one of the highest crit damage. It deals considerably high damage along with stagger.


How To Acquire Weapons⇓

A weapon can be obtained in a number of ways. You can obtain them from the Standard and Exclusive Supply of Gacha. For Exclusive Supply, a weapon will be available only for a limited period.

Another way to obtain them is in the form of Activities or as a reward for completing specific tasks. Or else, you can also redeem them by trading tokens for weapons.

Of course, the game also has in-app purchases available, so any time you feel like spending some money you can purchase them directly from the store.

Girl Café Gun Weapon Banners⇓

When doing gachas, you will be also able to categorize different weapons according to their rarity. These weapons are allotted different levels in the form of stars.

In most cases, the weapons with more stars will have a tactical advantage over those with lower stars. Certainly, they would be able to outperform lower category weapons.

However, this fact may not always be true. Due to the subtle differences in the weapons’/players’ skill level, this may not hold true 100% of the time. Here are the different classes of weapons:

★ (Common) 12%  ★★ (Rare) 70%  ★★★ (Super Rare) 15%  ★★★★ (Ultra Rare) 3%

As you can see, only 3% of all weapons are Ultra Rare.

Girl Café Gun Weapons Tier List Explained ⇓

Please note that there is no official tier list of weapons that have been declared by the developers yet. So the tier list included here is entirely our own personal opinion.

It has been compiled with the vote of a vast majority of players of GCG. You may feel free to disagree with it if you want to.

However, you will be able to know if you should invest your resources in a certain weapon after reading this segment.

All of them have been evaluated based on their performance in the Data Drill. We have rated the rank of the weapons from Tier 1 (most powerful) to Tier 4 (least powerful).

I would recommend you promote all the higher tiers first and then proceed with the lower tiers. Of course, the ones in higher tiers would be the rarer of the weapons.

  • Tier 1

A very powerful, general category of weapons plus those which have extraordinarily powerful skills.

The water of Destiny, Laser Pistol, Frontline Warrior, Directional Cannon

  • Tier 2

Weapons that are worth promoting and have overall excellent performance in most cases.

Vacuum Cleaner, The Hive, Star Beacon, Ruthless Healer, Hell’s Fang, Guiding Star, Gravity Compass, Fiery Thorns, Cruelty Maker, Beam Rifle

  • Tier 3

These weapons are worth promoting only if you have an ample amount of resources. Can be extremely handy in a particular set of cases.

Wraith of Jealousy, Wolf of Nomads, Tesla Aurora, Ruthless Rifle, Precision Rifle, Luciferin, Galaxy Star, Double Justice, Deadly Blaster, Abyssal Hammer, Pale Dragonbreath

  • Tier 4

Lastly, these are the weapons that have a limited number of uses and can be useful in only a limited number of cases. Hardly worth pursuing and promoting.

Red Lotus, Artemis

Well, I hope you found my guide informative. If you want to say something about it then please leave a comment down below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I will of course be back soon with more useful guides regarding different topics, so keep your eyes peeled. You can check out various other guides from our latest posts column.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

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