GoW Ragnarok: How To Complete A Grizzly Encounter Achievement

It has been a solid opening for God of War Ragnarok, and much is still being made as to how great the game really is. Coming four years after the prequel God of War, there had been hordes of fans awaiting to see the final product. The action and journey of Kratos with Atreus in tow is all set for a final showdown in the realms of Norse mythology, and the aptly given title.

You will be faced with a myriad of challenges and obstacles in your massive quest, many of which are connected to trophies and achievements. One of them is ‘A Grizzly Encounter’ where Kratos has to battle a huge bear and defeat him in order to win the Bronze Trophy attached to it.

There is also a huge surprise for players after beating the bear. The following guide will help you in understanding how to take down the big grizzly bear, all called BJORN.

God Of War Ragnarok - A Grizzly Encounter

GoW Ragnarok: How to complete A Grizzly Encounter Achievement

Kratos will be facing off against the bear alone, so players will have to be wary of the beast’s size and prowess. The key thing to remember is not to get too close in the beginning, but to use your axe to swing and attack as much as possible.

Use X to keep dodging the bear’s attacks and keep an optimum distance whenever you get the chance. You also have the option of using Kratos’ rage by pressing L3+R3 which will give you unstoppable power for a short period of time.

The grizzly bear has two major types of attack which are indicated by yellow and red circles respectively.

  • The yellow circle attack has the bear swinging at you with his two paws one by one from the right and left.
  • Kratos has to be on his toes in order to jump or evade away before hits land
  • The red circle attack is the more powerful option which has the bear lunging at you with both his paws hitting the ground in front with a lot of force.
  • This attack will cause significant damage if you cannot dodge it so make sure you are monitoring the screen closely.

God Of War Ragnarok - Fighting bear

After a few minutes of battle, the bear will start tiring out and that is when it will make his last salvo of a real grappling encounter. Kratos and the grizzly bear will fight hand-in-body with the bear inflicting damage.

Nevertheless, Kratos will ultimately find a way to escape the bear’s hold and use his close combat skills to finish off the bear. When he is choking out in the final moments, the bear will start to disappear in a yellow glow, which will reveal it was Atreus all along in the form of a bear who was fighting with his father.

GoW Ragnarok: How did Atreus become the bear

As shown in the post-fight scene, Atreus speaks of burying Fenrir and feeling a sense of immense sadness. It was then that he encountered the bear, and consumed by his feelings, turned into the frightening beast.

Kratos admonishes him for not having control over his emotions yet, suggesting that there is a lot of training still to be done.

God Of War Ragnarok - Atreus and Kratos

Atreus gets angry with Kratos whom he considers always acting as a dad and wants answers. Nevertheless, the pair continue their journey together with a lot of tension between them.

It is clear that Atreus and Kratos will face bigger challenges as the game progresses, but this was certainly a tantalizing insight into the hurdles that await.

Thus, this is all the information you will need to win the Bronze Trophy. Once the dialogue session is over, the game is saved and the trophy gets added to your overall collection.

While the fight is certainly interesting, the revelation of it being Atreus all along is sure to spice things up further for the players as they continue in the game.

Last Updated on November 9, 2022

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