God of War Ragnarok – Is There a Photo Mode for PS4/PS5?

One of the most anticipated games of the year, God of War Ragnarok, has been a long time coming for gamers worldwide. Due to the fact that it was God of War 2018’s sequel, people had high hopes for this game.

As of right now, feedback indicates that all of those expectations have been met. Taking pictures of their accomplishments is one activity that gamers like while playing. This article will assist you if you fall into that category and are trying to figure out how to use Photo Mode in God of War Ragnarok.

How Photo Mode Works In God Of War Ragnarok on PS4/PS5

Players enjoy having images of their favorite game-related experiences and achievements so they can share them with their friends. So they search for the photo mode in every game. That they are looking for photo mode in God of War Ragnarok is not surprising.

Does God of War Ragnarok include a Photo Mode? Answered

Sadly, the Photo Mode is not available in God of War Ragnarok at launch. Fans of God of War will undoubtedly be disappointed to hear that, but it is what it is. If you recall, the photo mode wasn’t available when God of War 2018 was released.

A little later on in the game, it also received the photo mode. We can therefore hope that God of War Ragnarok will add the photo mode in the future. The devs have stated on Twitter that they are still working on adding the Photo Mode to God of War Ragnarok.

However, a specific date has not yet been set. There is currently no photo mode in the game, but because they are working on it, we can hope to see it soon. In God of War Ragnarok, there is another option available if you truly want to capture pictures.

The PlayStation’s built-in screenshot feature is available to users. Your in-game accomplishments can be efficiently captured through the Screenshot feature on Playstation consoles so that you can display them to other players.

To take a screenshot on a PlayStation 4, players must Press and Hold the “Share” button, and on a PlayStation 5, they must Press and Hold the “Create” button, which is located in the upper left corner of the controller.

You can still record your God of War Ragnarok moments with these buttons and share them with pals.

GOW Ragnarok photomode

How To Take Photos

Photo Mode is not there in God Of War Ragnarok to tell you shortly. It can be included in the ported PC version of the game in the future but that is a matter of time. There is, however, an alternative to using photo mode in the game. If you press the “Share” button on your PlayStation, a window will open up having the following options

  • Start New Recording
  • Take Screenshot
  • Record Recent Gameplay

You need to select the option that says Take a Screenshot

This is the share button on a PS5 controller. There are a few other settings you need to check to make photo mode work for you. In the “Share” option make sure the file type is JPEG for optimal size and quality.

For sheer quality, you can switch to PNG also. Also for HDR images, enable HDR mode for photos to take those crisp shots and not miss out on any details. 

That is all I had to share in this guide for GoW Ragnarok. For more such guides, stay posted with the website and our GoW Ragnarok Guides section. My name is Spider Monkey and I have given the past 2 years of my life to this industry. Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you found it useful. 

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

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