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One of the major aspects of Godfall is the variety of enemies it has. If you know how to hit their “Weakpoints” properly, it can make a massive difference! This will enable you to get rid of them quickly and move on to the next ones. This makes the combat in the game more efficient and fluent. In this guide, we aim to explain how you can explore and hit weak points of enemies consistently. Read on…

How to Hit “Weakpoints” Consistently in Godfall

The description for Weakpoints reads “Hit enemy weak points to deal increased damage and knock them down.” Basically this means that you can exploit certain parts of an enemy and slay efficiently if you hit these so-called weakpoints consistently. To do this, you need to first unlock the “Weakpoint” skill from the skill tree, by investing 1 Skill point in it. You get Skill points by simply leveling up!

After you acquire this skill, look for a red or orangish faint glow, coming from an enemy. Usually, this glow is triggered when an enemy over-commits to its attacks, gets staggered, or is at a low HP. It should look something like this:

Godfall weakpoints guide

All you need to do is be in the range of the attack to land correctly. The key to hitting weakpoints consistently is to aim your reticle right on the glowing weakpoint. We would highly recommend to NOT USE lock-on while hitting the weakpoints. That is because while locking-on, the reticle centers itself on the screen, which ALMOST ALWAYS is not where the weakpoint is on the enemy. If you use free reticle movement to hit the enemy, you can freely aim for the Glowing orangish point, and make quick work!

We would also recommend that you use gears which enhances the weakpoint damage for you. For example, a gear which increases weakpoint damage, or gives you a health or critical damage on weakpoint hits is a big boost. So make sure you pick up such augments and do your builds accordingly. Weakpoint is basically a defensive technique. That is because you need to let your opponent attack first, then parry or block the attack to expose the weakpoint quickly. Getting the enemy to low HP is also good for not as efficient as parrying or blocking.

Suggested Weapons to Hit Weakpoints

  • Long Sword – Just due to its sheer damage output and range, you can use Long Swords to exploit weakpoints easily.
  • Polearm – Let the enemy attack you. Now evade back/left/right to see the weakpoint. Now you can simply dash forward with the polearm to hit the enemy. One of the unique ways to use a polearm is to throw it at the weakpoint to hit it safely.

To sum it up, this aspect of the game mechanic is pretty interesting. That is because you can differentiate efficient gameplay from an inefficient one. This technique also makes going through enemies quicker, which means more places to explore and loot!

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. That would be all for this guide of How to Hit Weakpoints Properly in Godfall. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

Last Updated on December 19, 2020

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