Gotham Knights: All About Skill Trees Explained

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the recently revealed Skill Trees section of the upcoming Gotham Knights.

Fans are super excited to get their hands on this RPG-style action game which launches in October. The Skill Tree revelations have been really eye-opening, with a lot of new information being divulged for the very first time, and by the creators themselves.

Therefore, it is important to unpack what is actually out in the public domain and what we can expect as time gets near to the epic game-play by all means.

Gotham Knights - Skill Trees Explained

Gotham Knights: Skill Trees Explained

The fundamental basis of the game is for players to have a memorable journey as they turn into a Dark Knight, and not simply Batman’s successor.

To that end, each character will have four skill trees on top of a myriad of gears and suits to don. XP is gained by making progress in the game as is the norm which allows you to level up and gain ability points to spend on upgrading the respective skill trees.

Additionally, another great feature is that progression with one character is counted even if you change to another character.

That way, you can use the gained ability points on the character who best serves your purpose, as given below:

  • Batgirl is a great choice for one-on-one melee combat and hacking
  • Robin is a master of moving stealthily and new technology
  • Nightwing is the favored option for acrobatics and giving buffs during co-op mode
  • Red Hood is an ace in Marksmanship and Brawler, both of which are the core abilities that make him a very savvy character choice.

Gotham Knights: All about the Knighthood class

The addition of a new skill tree in Gotham Knights is the Knighthood. It unlocks automatically as players reach a particular point of the game. Here’s all you need to know about it:

  • Players have to finish off challenges in order to be eligible for unlocking the abilities of this skill tree
  • Once you start upgrading, there will be hero traversal methods that you can apply to your characters
  • For example, Batgirl will be able to glide and get her ultimate ability – drone, which is only possible through the Knighthood skill tree
  • The great thing about this is that you do not have to repeat the process for the other characters.

The final reveal has been about Momentum Abilities are specific strikes that you can unlock after completing challenges and using normal abilities.

You can mix it with other trees in your repertoire so that the best powers are combined together. This will be a great boon for players who are looking to create an all-powerful hero.

Thus, that is all players need to know about the upcoming skill trees in Gotham Knights. Of course, more information will come in as the launch gets nearer.

However, the details of the skill trees have really generated a great buzz around the mega-production.

Last Updated on August 20, 2022

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