GoW Ragnarok: How To Get And Use Risen Snow Armor Set

There are several cool artifacts in God of War Ragnarok with one of the most useful ones being the Risen Snow armor set. It is a special bunch of armor upgrades that are available to the players who have pre-ordered the original, base game, meaning you will have a sizeable head start when it comes to progressing in the game.

The developers always like to keep things interesting by investing in cool rewards and additional bonuses for players who make extra purchases, which is the same when it comes to the Deluxe Edition as well.

The game in itself is an epic tale of Norse mythology, all building up towards a grand finale following on from the 2018 prequel. In this regard, any competitive edge you get is important and the following guide explains how the Risen Snow armor set is a very helpful set of items to have on your side.

God Of War Ragnarok - Risen Snow Armor Set Chest

God of War Ragnarok: How to unlock Risen Snow armor set

Players who have pre-ordered God of War Ragnarok will be receiving the necessary codes on their registered email addresses. Once you have the codes, you will have to finish the first mission of the game which will give you access to the house of Sindri.

Players will come across a chest which is sitting next to a forge beside the house, and you can open it only after finishing the scene with dialogues involving Brok and Sindri.

The best part about the Risen Snow armor set is that you will not have to work to unlock level after level. All of the armor’s powers are immediately at your disposal from the get-go, and players will be able to inflict great amounts of damage.

Additionally, the game provides you the option of placing the armor on both Kratos and Atreus.

God Of War Ragnarok - Risen Snow Armor Set Waist

God of War Ragnarok: Powers of the Risen Snow armor set and how to best use it

There are three major pieces to the armor which are listed below:

  • Chest: Whenever players aim to launch enemies, you will have a Luck increase which will better your Stagger Resistance and Strength alongside bettering your Risen Might which is a very useful buff for a period of time.
  • Wrist and Waist: It will improve the amount of Stun you can inflict on your opponents while they are in the air.

Players are advised to follow their individual skill trees to know how to best launch enemies, which will only improve the kind of damage you can deal your opponents.

God Of War Ragnarok - Risen Snow Armor Set Wrist

Atreus has the Sonic Arrows which are a superb choice against enemies who are off the ground, while the Onslaught Shield will knock enemies in the air when you attack them.

Additionally, there is also the option of using the wrist and waist combo to go with the Nidavellir’s Finest Plackart that will benefit you with a Health Burst during the capture of Stunned enemies.

Thus, that is all the information players will need to conquer the Risen Snow armor set. The fact that you have everything at your disposal from the start means you are in a great position to progress strongly through the game.

Nevertheless, there is some bad news that comes in the form of not being able to update your set’s appearance after Level 9. It is a small price to pay for all the other benefits which should definitely weigh in your favor.

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

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