GoW Ragnarok – How To Unlock Hidden Region Lyngbakr Island

God of War Ragnarok makes exploration more rewarding than ever. You can explore the game’s many Hidden Regions to find rare materials, equipment, missions, favors, bits of knowledge, artifacts, and much more.

Lyngbakr Island, in the Bay of Bounty in Svartalheim, is one of the game’s earliest and largest Hidden Regions. In God of War Ragnarok, you also need to know how to open Lyngbakr Island because it is connected to a Silver Trophy called Making Amends.

This makes it a crucial site to find, especially for players aiming for the Platinum trophy. In light of this, we have a guide on how to get into God of War Ragnarok’s Hidden Region Lyngbakr Island.

gow lyngbakr islands guide


How To Unlock Lyngbakr Island In God of War Ragnarok

A third-person action-adventure video game called God of War Ragnarök. In terms of cinematography, the game is shown in a continuous shot without any camera cuts or loading screens. It has an over-the-shoulder free camera.

The gameplay is comparable to that of the most recent installment, God of War (2018), and it is also a single-player game. Players fight Norse mythological enemies throughout the game, which features more monster kinds than the previous title and additional mini-bosses to add variation.

Lyngbakr Island Location

By playing the Drum through the locked door in The Watchtower, another Hidden Region located on the Central Island of the Bay of Bounty, the same Island where Sindri’s Shop is situated, you can access the Lyngbakr Island in God of War Ragnarok.

 You can use an explosive pot on the western side of the island to clear the debris from the climbable structure leading to The Watchtower. The key to unlocking it can be found in a chest on a little Isle north of The Watchtower, presuming you have already arrived at The Watchtower.

This screenshot from a map shows the precise position of the mentioned treasure and Key to the Watchtower. 

  • Return to The Watchtower and unlock the door after you get the key.
  • You’ll be asked to play the Drum by Mimir.
  • You can accomplish this by interacting with the damaged Drum and using the Square button to launch a Sonic Arrow at it from Atreus.

By doing this, the Drum will be set off, and the Lyngbakr Island will then materialize on the back of the Lyngbakr giant whale.

How To Get Making Amends Trophy in GoW Ragnarok

gow lyngbakr islands

You will automatically be given a quest to release the Lyngbakr from the chains that tie its two fins and one tail when you unlock the Lyngbakr Island. To finish the mission and obtain the Making Amends Hidden Silver Trophy, do that and then take Mimir to the Lyngbakr’s eye.

This finishes our walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok’s Hidden Region Lyngbakr Island. Continue reading Gamertagzero.com for more information on God of War Ragnarok. 

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

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