Grounded – Map Locations for all Areas

In Grounded, exploring the vast areas and resources on the map can be difficult at times. This is because of the large and dense vegetation, and lots of Bugs and Spiders to encounter. In this guide, we will show All the Areas and Locations on the Map, indicating where you can find which Resources, Bugs, and Spiders.

Grounded – Map for All Resources and Areas

Colored Circle Indicators

Purple = Wolf Spider

Yellow = Orb Weaver Spider

Green = Stink Bugs

Orange = Bombardier Beetle

White = Lacewing Larvae

Red = Mites

Brown = Grubs

Pink = Lady Bugs (possible sightings)

Blue = Infected Area (Mites + Weevils)

Light Blue = Starting location

Icon Indicators

Bee Armor set & Larva Blade locations

Thistle Plant & Mushroom locations

3 Marker locations are shown (dark green wing icons)

Water = Gnats are attracted near big areas of water & are attracted to the landscape lights.

Grounded Full Map with Location Marks

Some unlisted Creatures




Worker Ants (You can check Abandoned Ant Hills for this)

Note that this is a Map for early access. As the game unfolds, and we find out more, we will be sure to update the post. If you come across some dedicated spots for the Unlisted Creatures, do let us know in the comments below. That will be all. Thanks for reading!
Image Credits: Steam

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

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