Gunfire Reborn | First Female Hero Tao + July Updates

The long-awaited summer version is finally here! The new version came on Jun. 18th, 2021, introduced the first female hero [Tao], a new mode [Reincarnation], the revamped talent system, a new random boss, two new weapons, several new occult scrolls, and more! The game is also offered a discount of 21% off from Jun. 10th, 2021 to July 8th, 2021 (PT).

Another news is that the Gunfire Reborn PC version has sold over 1.5 million copies! Gunfire Reborn, a game that combines FPS, Roguelite, and RPG features, can present players with an intense gunfight and diverse builds. Since its launch last year, it remains 93% positive reviews on Steam till now.

New Female Hero – Tao

In the latest Summer version, the first female hero is out for players. Tao is a master in the art of sword control and keen to manipulate her royal flying sword to strike all foes. Meanwhile, she can condense her energy into petals, dealing hidden injuries against enemies with her secondary skill.

Revamped Talent Tree (System)

The talent system is got a revamp, and reincarnation difficulty is now available. Reincarnation difficulty will be unlocked after clearing the nightmare difficulty once, and currently, it has 7 levels. Spiritual Remnant and Phantom Peddler are the two new NPCs exclusively in reincarnation difficulty. Spiritual Remnant appears at the entrance of each act. This allows players to use soul essence to obtain a spiritual blessing. This will definitely help players on their way to victory. Phantom Peddler also randomly appears in different stages of reincarnation difficulty and offers players an option to spend hard-earned soul essence to purchase enhanced weapons and occult scrolls.

New Weapon Additions

Two new weapons and one new random boss await. Poisonous Ghost and Fire Tower are the two melee weapons, which you can unlock after killing designated monsters. Abyssal Serpent is the boss inspired by snakes. This boss will be waiting for any hero who’s ready to have an epic showdown. Players can gain a ticket to the new boss arena by defeating Yoruhime-Maru 3 times.

New Occult Scrolls

The summer version also introduces several new occult scrolls. Effective Split, which will let players randomly get 2 occult scrolls and cannot discard them, and Mysterious Chest, which will let players randomly get 1-3 occult scrolls after picking up this scroll, are two vivid examples that are going to make the journey even more surprising.

In addition to the above contents, more surprises are oncoming this winter. I will show an image provided by the devs for the roadmap ahead. Follow The official social media to get notified ahead! If you are interested in cooperating with other players, please Search Gunfire Reborn or visit the Following Links:
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gunfire reborn roadmap 2021 winter

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Last Updated on June 26, 2021

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