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Gunfire Reborn Sale | New hero is on his way!

Here comes good news from Gunfire Reborn! The development team of Gunfire Reborn kept the promise and have a new hero, a new boss, and two new weapons released on January 29, 2021! The game also offered a discount of 21% off from January 28, 2021, to February 15, 2021 (PT). Gunfire Reborn, a game that combines FPS, Roguelite, and RPG features, can bring players intense gunfights and diverse builds. Since its launch last May, it remains 93% very positive reviews on Steam till now, with its sales volume already achieved one million copies last year!
Having that said, let us check out the update roadmap ahead, new hero, boss, weapons, abilities, and more goodies introduced during this update!

New Hero

The new intrepid hero, Lei Luo, will unleash his Thor-like power. Lei Luo is born with thunder tattoos and can easily manipulate thunder to hit enemies. His primary skill is Fatal Current which can activate the electric current hidden under his tattoos to buff himself. Chain Lightning is his secondary skill which can launch a lightning bolt at enemies.

New Boss

The new random boss, Wind God, will also come into everyone’s eyes. The wind is its wing so it can fly. In ancient tales, Wind God can carry the sand with the wind to ramp across the desert. As for the new elite monster, Elite Kappa has been cultivated for many years, and now can not only summon more magical balls but also be able to teleport.

Wind God

New Weapons

If you are an avid FPS enthusiast, you must not miss two new weapons: Flowing Light and Strike Wing. Players can use Flowing Light to thrust forward 5 times after a short-time charge. Once players hit the target with Strike Wing, three arrows will be split to the enemy behind the target.

New Talents and Roadmap Ahead

There will also be new achievements and talents in this update. New talents include Sniper, Gifted Man, Thunderborn, Re-Energized, and Surging Crit. Total achievements number will be increased, and new achievements like Raging Winds, Lei Luo’s Win, Son of Thunder, and much more will be added in the oncoming build. The development team gave special thanks to all players and said players also have contributed to the new content because it was the players who suggested some of the fantastic ideas.

In addition to the above contents, more surprises will come later. Let’s stay tuned! If you are interested in contact with other players for co-op play, please Search Gunfire Reborn or Click the Following Links:
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Source: Gunfire Reborn Team (Official)

Last Updated on February 19, 2021

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