Hellpoint Black Hole Doors and Eye Tower Codes Guide

In this guide for Hellpoint, we will show two different things. First is the 6 Horde Events that players can access behind black Hole Hour doors. The second is a list of Eye lens Tower Codes to open doors. The double ring marks these doors. Refer to the table and navigate to the one you want. You can also read the entire walkthrough if you need to know it all.

Hellpoint Black Hole Doors (Hour Hordes)

1. Sohn District Horde Door

  • Sohn District: From the corpse pile Breach, go outside and head left. Past the first patrolling Daemon is a large gate with a smaller blue door beside it, and inside the door is a button that will open this gate. The horde event will be inside this gate.

2.Port Issoudun Horde Door

  • Port Issoudun: Just outside the vault door that leads to Ozyormy Goija, Master of Puppets, is a room with a hexagon-shaped hole in the floor. This room is where the horde event will spawn during black hole hours. Completing it will raise the hexagon-shaped elevator in the center, rewarding you with a couple of loot cubes.

3. Arisen Dominion Horde Door (Bugged at the time of publish)

  • Arisen Dominion: This horde is currently broken, but is at the top of the staircase leading into the Arisen Dominion from the Embassy entrance. It is just before you enter the main door, leading to the Grand Gallery.

4. Alma Mater Atrium Horde Door

  • Alma Mater Atrium: Located Near the Union Park Breach, just before the Consumer Boss fight. (Where the Golden Loot Cube is located before the Consumer fight.)

5. Arcology Underside Horde Door

  • Arcology Underside: Located Inside the main area, near about the Arcology Underside – Central Mall Breach. If you’re here during a Black Hole Hour, it’s hard to miss it.

6. Ikari Walkways Horde Door

  • Ikari Walkways: Just past the Artillery Boss fight is an elevator that will take you to Alma Mater Atrium. The door to the left of this elevator should be open and leads to the horde.

Eye Codes for Lens Towers in Hellpoint

  • B Eye 2: 3898 9450
  • D Eye 3: 5440 3585
  • A Eye 4: 5624 7947
  • D Eye 5: 2029 5238


1. After killing Arisen Congregators in Sohn District you can find the passage to the elevator at the following location, behind the funicular. You can recognize this elevator since it is the same one after killing Celestial Best, but it was inactive then.

Eye Codes for Lens Towers in Hellpoint 1
2. Going up to the 3rd floor, you will see panels on which you need to enter codes to deploy the lens towers. Do it and it will be initiated and deployed.
Eye Codes for Lens Towers in Hellpoint 2

3. The lens towers allow you to open the double-ringed force fields once per day.

Eye Codes for Lens Towers in Hellpoint 3

credits: Killy_Playford & FeralBadgers

That is all we have to offer for this guide. As always our comment section is open to your questions, suggestions, or queries. We will see you in the next guide!

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