Horizon Zero Dawn | 21:9/Ultrawide Cutscenes Fix

Horizon Zero Dawn is out for PC players on steam, and it is already creating quite the buzz. But some players are complaining that the Ultrawide (21:9) Cutscene is not working for them. So in this short guide, we will show you how to fix that issue.

How to fix Ultrawide (21:9) Cutscenes in Horizon Zero Dawn

  1. Download and Open HxD

  2. Press CTRL+O

  3. Choose the Game’s Exe (”HorizonZeroDawn.exe” in \steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn)

  4. Press CTRL+R

  5. Go to Hex Values (Located on top)

  6.  Search for 39 8E E3 3F and change it with 8E E3 18 40 (or your preferred resolutions)

  7. Activate Search direction all

  8. Press Change everything (Located at bottom middle)

  9. Should change one hex value

  10. Go to the top left and save it where the normal exe is, changing it with the old one.

If you face any problems, just repair the game via Steam.

21:9 Resolution Hex Values

  • 2560×1080 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 3440×1440 = 8E E3 18 40
  • 3840×1600 = 9A 99 19 40
  • 5120×2160 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 6880×2880 = 8E E3 18 40

32:9 Resolution Hex Values

  • 3840×1080 = 39 8E 63 40
  • 3840×1440 = AB AA 2A 40
  • 5120×1440 = 39 8E 63 40

all credits to reddit user: OnkelJupp

And that should be enough to fix your ultrawide cutscene issue with Horizon Zero Dawn. In case of any issues with the game, simply repair the game files via steam, and it will be back to normal. Avoid uninstalling and reinstalling at all costs. That is because the decompression time is a lot to wait for. Any general queries are welcome in the comments below. We will see you in the next guide!

Last Updated on December 19, 2020

4 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn | 21:9/Ultrawide Cutscenes Fix”

    1. That is the parameter for ultrawide Resolution. If you cannot find it in the editor, chances are it is saved by some other parameter.

  1. J’ai bien modifié toutes les valeurs “39 8E E3 3F” (il y en a en fait une seule) par celles correspondant à ma résolution “8E E3 18 40”. Puis j’ai enregistré.
    Ca n’a rien changé, je n’ai tjrs pas les cinématiques en 21:9.

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