Horizon’s Gate | Map Locations for All Trainers

Want to know the Trainer Locations in Horizon’s Gate? We have you covered with the Map, showing the same. Simply refer to the map and locate your desired Trainers in the game. IF you wish to purchase the game, you can get it from here: [Steam Link]

Map Locations for All Trainers

Horizons Gate All Trainers Map locations guide

All Trainers (sorted by Class)

This is a list of all the Trainers sorted by Ascending Alphabets in terms of classes.

  • Balancer: Fantin
  • Bat Handler: Eyrerock
  • Berserker: Port Alphe
  • Blade: Fivili
  • Bombardier: Runewald
  • Breaker: Wraele
  • Defiler: Condra
  • Elementalist: Nordock
  • Enchanter: Dunning-Mars (West area of the map, in the shredded lands)
  • Gatekeeper: Searth (you can wait 9 months and pay nothing, or pay 5000g)
  • Gatewarder: Bellrique (NW corner of the map)
  • Guardian: Searth
  • Ignis Knight: Ash Port (SW corner of the map, will need to pay a small bribe to get in)
  • Krakenslayer: Crubtown (Eastern edge of the map, near the middle)
  • Mechanist: Mobile Workshop (in the ocean, roughly south of Fivili)
  • Minstrel: Bilibas (Go to the East of Ralkhome, and turn north after the river)
  • Ravager: Redens
  • Shiftcloak: Bagu’s Rest (SE of Bellrique and N of Towerwall, the trainer may be hard to spot)
  • Spell Archon: Gunhaldr (near Dominio, on the SW coast of the island-like continent)
  • Storm shot: Towerwall
  • Swashbuckler: Bette Sands
  • Tactician: Jascias
  • Unmaker: Ravitus
  • Warden: Granserf
  • Warpblade: Tsavor (head to the East of Condra, Cast Gate, to reach the trainer)

Credits: vinzi and McFrugal

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