How to activate Boon of the vanguard Destiny 2

A short guide on how to activate boon of the vanguard for rewards in strikes

Players are often getting confused as to how to activate boon of the vanguard in Destiny 2: Shaodowkeep. It is not that hard at all, and should hardly take you a couple of minutes to activate it.

The Duration of the vanguard after activating it will last for 4 hours.


Step 1:

  • Launch the game and make your way to the director screen, i.e the screen with your floating ship.
  • You can follow step 2 from anywhere in-game. It is however recommended to do it before going to a map or starting a strike.

Step 2:

  • Press F1 on your keyboard to open the Character customization screen.

Step 3:

  • At the top of the screen, you should see an “INVENTORY” Tab. Click on that.
  • This will open your inventory.
  • Note that if you do not see a Boon of the vanguard medallion there, you need to fetch it from Zavala in the tower.

Step 4:

  • Once you have the boon of the vanguard medallion, Long press F button on your keyboard, or whichever button you have equipped for the “use” action in the game.
  • And that should be it! You would activate the Boon of the vanguard medallion in the process.

how to use boon of vanguard d2


Now just start up a Strike or Nightfall Strike and you will have the boon of the vanguard medallion already activated and ready to gift guardians in the new D2.


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