How to Disable Motion Blur in STAR WARS™: Squadrons

For STAR WARS™: Squadrons players, if you want to disable motion blur, but you cannot locate an option for it in-game, this guide will show you how to disable it, let’s take a look.

STAR WARS™: Squadrons – How to Disable Motion Blur

  • Locate Configuration in  C: > Users > youruseraccount > Documents > STAR WARS Squadrons Steam > settings
  • Change the following in ProfileOptions_profile:
  • GstRender.MotionBlur 0.000000 GstRender.MotionBlurEnabled GstRender.MotionBlurEnabled_VR
  • DirectX 12 will be off by default so turn it on. This is optional but do it just to be safe
  • The Location is the same place as Motion Blur.
  • DirectX12 is set to 0, so change that with 1 and save.
  • Also make the default value for this to 1: GstRender.EnableDx12 1
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Doing the following should be enough to disable motion blur for good. Make a copy of the original file before making changes. If you feel the need to revert back, simply restore the original file and all will be set to normal. That is all for this guide. We will see you soon with a new guide so stay posted!

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