How to farm Zaitsev’s Eruption Borderlands 3

Broosin Zheitsev’s Eruption Farm in Bl3

Borderlands 3 is known for its wide range of unique legendaries. One of those is the Broosin Zheitsev’s Eruption Legendary Auto Rifle. What makes this weapon so unique is its ability to stack debuffs on the enemies. As tested, it can stack up to 200% which can melt enemies in seconds. In this farm guide, we will show you where to get it from along with a weapon stat overview.

Note: You can only farm this weapon from the said location in Mayhem 4. So make sure you activate Mayhem 4 before proceeding with the farm.


Zaitsev’s Eruption farm location

  • You can farm this weapon from the boss Titan.
  • He is located on Konrad’s Hold in Pandora.
  • Here is the map location for reference:

  • After going inside the gateway, as shown above, you need to pick up the mission called Slaughter Shaft. And after that, you should be all good to farm Titan.
  • The Drop is completely based on RNG and it can take a decent amount of grind before it drops for you.
  • You need to get to Round 4 for Titan to Spawn, to have a go at him. This can be particularly repetitive and grindy to do but if you decide to get the Zaitsev’s eruption at any cost, this is what you need to do.


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Tips/Suggestions to farm Zaitsev’s eruption

  • If you do not get the drop from Titan after killing him, do not finish the rest of the enemies.
  • Die or down yourself until you respawn from the checkpoint.
  • This way you save your time in starting all over again.
  • Just go in the arena, clear One round and you can farm Titan again!



Broosin Zheitsev’s Eruption stats

  • Damage: 671
  • Accuracy: 65%
  • handling: 59%
  • Repair Time: ~4.3s
  • Fire Rate: 10.31/s
  • Shots to Break: ~64


Once the Weapon breaks, it fires 8 bullets, each having a debuff of 20%. These bullets are homing type so they will seek enemies if they are nearby. Use this to your advantage and you can also use it with other meta vault hunter builds. On that note, we will conclude this short guide on farming the Zaitsev’s Eruption in BL3 along with some neat tips to farm it. We are open to suggestions and questions. Do let us know regarding the same in the comments below.


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