How To Find Lost Items In The Grass | Medieval Dynasty

This guide gives a simple solution of how to find items in the grass if you have lost them, in the Medieval Dynasty. Read this if you also have faced the same issue while playing the game. Good Luck!

Find Lost Items In Medieval Dynasty

  • Have you dropped an item and want to find it again?
  • Have you dropped logs in the forest and even with a visual landmark you can’t find them again?
  • Is too much grass making it impossible to see?

Say no more! We have also been there and this is our solution to it.

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Use the Focus Feature by pressing Left Alt.

The stacks of items dropped will be displayed with an orange title if you are in range.

We hope you found these tips useful. Leave a comment if yeah, cuz a Lil appreciation never hurt anybody guv! Watch out for more fresh updates…

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