How to Fix Alpha Wolf Not Spawning in V Rising

If you’ve been playing V Rising for the last few days, you should already have started hunting the various bosses scattered across the world. Alpha Wolf is one of the many bosses that V Rising has to offer its players, and can often be a force to reckon with if the player isn’t cautious enough. 

While the big white wolf can be tough to defeat, players seem to be running into a problem that is far worse and renders them unable to find the boss. If you’re one of the many players who are facing the issue of Alpha Wolf not spawning in V Rising, we have pointed out some fixes that you can try. 

alpha wolf not spawning how to fix V Rising

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location

The Alpha Wolf boss in V Rising can be found resting in the Wolf’s Den of the Eastern Farbane Woods.

  • Once you head North from the Desecrated Graveyard, you should reach the Bandit Copper Mine, from where you can head east to find the Wolf’s Den.
  • Once you’re near the Alpha Wolf in Wolf’s Den, the boss fight should begin.
  • Here is what one should look like once you encounter an Alpha Wolf:

Alpha Wolf Location V Rising

Alpha Wolf Not Spawning – How to Fix

If you’re unable to find the Alpha Wolf in the aforementioned area, the first thing you should try is heading towards the blood trail towards the Eastern Woods. He can quite often be found roaming in the general area, so it may take a while for you to find him. 

If you’re still unable to find the Alpha Wolf, try using the ‘Unstuck’ option from the in-game menu and revisiting the location.

Following these steps should likely help you find the location of the Alpha Wolf in V Rising. Before engaging this boss, make sure you are well-equipped and have the appropriate Gear Level to take him down. 

I would not recommend that you do a hard reset for your game since that can cost you your hard-earned time and hard work. Make sure you follow the above steps and Alpha Wolves should spawn fine for you if they were not spawning before.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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