How to get Dowsing Rod in Borderlands 3 (Bl3)

This guide shows you how to get the Dowsing Rod Legendary AR in Borderlands 3 (bl3). You need to own the Bounty of Blood DLC to fetch it. The weapon is unique and holds its own when it comes to Legendary ARs.  We will also show a brief overview, and the weapon stats as well.

Dowsing Rod Farm location in BL3 (Drop location)

  • The enemy that drops the Dowsing Rod is Pterodomini.
  • The location is Blastplains in Gehenna.
  • Fast Travel to The Blastplain – Pump & Charge
  • Here is the map location for Pterodomini to farm Dowsing Rod:
Dowsing rod get or farm bl3 map locations
  • Make sure to hit the save, before entering the portal as shown on the above image.
  • If the portal is not available for some reason, you need to play more and progress far enough in the story to unlock the Portal.
  • Pterodomini is a flying enemy and the loot can drop down the edge also. In that case, fetching the loot will be difficult, so pick your area wisely to slay Pterodomini.

Alternative route

  • To the left of the Portal, are ledges.
  • Use these ledges to jump from one ledge to another to go across the mountain.
  • Once you get to the other side, look below to your right, and you should see Pterodomini spawn.

Dowsing Rod Weapon Stats

FIRE RATE13.34/s

The red text reads “It’s down there somewhere, lemme take another look”

Dowsing Rod Weapon Overview

This VLADOF weapon has good graphics painted on it to start off with. It has a chrome finish which makes it shiny also. Speaking of weapon features, the initial base damage of the weapon is decent. But the main focus of the weapon is its alternate Fire Mode which turns it into a grenade launcher. This GL can do massive damage to enemies, even at higher levels.
The weapon eats up ammo like crazy, so the only viable option to use it is with an Ammo build of Moze or any other build which can save as much ammo as possible. The only consistent damaging element for the weapon is its Grenade Launcher mode which should be used wisely. We would recommend it for your loadout, but with the correct build only. Otherwise, the weapon is basic and can be kept as a collection item also.

That is all!

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