How to get Muskeg in COD Warzone

Muskeg is the new Legendary shotgun BP in COD Warzone. Getting or Unlocking it means doing a set of objectives. But before starting to do these objectives you need to activate the Mission within Call of Duty MW itself. In order to do that, head over to Barracks > Missions & Challenges > Warzone Missions and select the mission given below. Take note that your previous mission activation will be replaced by this one, so decide wisely.

Muskeg shotgun how to get guide

Mission name to get Muskeg Shotgun

  • Provactive Assault
Provactive Assault

Objectives to unlock Muskeg

Objective 1

  • Get 20 one-shot kills using a shotgun.
  • Rewards – XP: 2000 | Loot: Bonebrawl calling card

Objective 2

  • Get 7 double kills using a shotgun
  • Rewards – XP: 3000 | Loot: Opportunist calling card

Objective 3

  • Get 15 kills while sliding using a shotgun.
  • Rewards – XP: 4000 | Loot: Torrential Trenches Spray

Objective 4

  • Get 20 point-blank kills using a shotgun.
  • Rewards – XP: 5000 | Loot: Spiting Acid calling card

Objective 5

  • Get 10 buzzkills (Kill an enemy one kill away from a killstreak)
  • Rewards – XP: 6000 | Loot: Red-Faced spray

Objective 6

  • Get 5 kills without dying while using a shotgun, 3 times.
  • Rewards – XP: 7500| Loot: Muskeg Shotgun

A total of 6 objectives to complete, to get the Shotgun BP!

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