How To Get The Death Bringer Catalyst in Destiny 2

If you are reading this guide, chances are that you already have The Deathbringer Rocket Launcher with you. This post will focus majorly on the catalyst you need for the Deathbringer and some possible ways to get it. I will be going over what needs to be done after you get it and what are the stats on the catalyst. Like every other Catalyst, this will also enhance the weapon, so it is a must-have in your arsenal. Let’s take a look…

How To Get The Deathbringer Catalyst

  • Doing Nightfalls – The number of catalysts I have found (or farmed ) from NF is significant. There seems to be a consistency in the number of catalysts the Nightfalls drop. So make sure you make this your priority. Keep NFs in the number one list of places to go for catalysts, especially for Deathbringer
  • Playing Crucible – I personally got a couple of my weapon catalysts from Crucibles. One of them being the Sunshot Catalyst. If you find NF boring or uninteresting to do, go ahead and do some crucible runs to get this catalyst.
  • Doing Strikes – By Strikes, I don’t even mean the hard ones. The regular Strikes can be surprisingly rewarding, especially when it comes to catalysts. I personally do not go to strikes to farm catalysts, but my friends have got theirs from Strikes, so it is confirmed from Strikes as well.
  • Playing Gambit – I personally am not a big fan of Gambits, but if you are, or you are fine with grinding them, then make sure to play Gambits. These can also be rewarding in terms of Exotic weapon drops and Catalysts. In this case, the Deathbringer.
  • Playlist Activity Completions – As confirmed so far, It is also dropping from Activity completions in your playlists. These can also range from public events to specific NPC-related activities, missions, and objectives. IF you are doing any playlist activity by default, you can get a chance to get it there also.

What is The Deathbringer?

The Deathbringer was introduced as one of the first Exotics of the Shadowkeep expansion, and it’s still one of the most unique and powerful weapons in the game. It’s a rocket launcher that fires Void projectiles that split into more of them. These smaller projectiles will track any enemies below them, and the longer they travel, the more damage they deal.

The Catalyst helps in increasing the speed of the Dark Descent. In other words, it reduces the time taken for the weapon to reach its maximum power.

destiny 2 deathbringer and catalyst

Deathbringer Catalyst Stats and Perks

After you masterwork the weapon, it will generate orbs upon kills, which will boost your Ultimate Skill Time. You also get a tracker which tracks down the number of enemies slain. Same as other Exotic Catalysts for this part. It will also receive additional capabilities upon completion. Completion of 100% of targets defeated with the weapon will finish the masterwork. The way the catalyst works is it reduces the Duration (Time) and the Elevation (height) of the Projectiles so that it reaches the maximum amount of Dark Descent Potential Quickly.

In other words, the time taken to reach max damage is reduced while using this catalyst. This has some major implications if used correctly, and I will keep an eye out as to what players do and try out with this to make their challenges easier. I myself will also be looking forward to using the full potential for the weapon and this catalyst.

That would be all from this guide. Let me know how you got yours, via the comments below. With new seasons, comes new surprises in Destiny 2, so be on the lookout for every detail added to the game. You never know what you may find. Thanks for reading and I will see you at the next one!

Last Updated on May 12, 2021

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