How to get Undying title in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

How can you get to undying in the new D2: Shadowkeep?

“Undying” is a prestigious title given to those guardians who successfully complete the 14 UNDYING triumphs. So in this short guide, we will tell you how you can get this title as well.


The Front Lines
  • This is an easy one to do. All you need to do is play vex offensive and it should complete by itself.
  • Make sure you kill at least some Vex enemies every run and enjoy it overall.
  • Complete 100 encounters and close 3 warp gates. As we stated these should happen gradually in the game.
Final Assault
  • You need to defeat the undying mind 3 times in vex offensive. This should be gradual progress with minimal efforts.
Perfect assault
  • You need to close the warp gate without dying. Basically, do not die during the entire encounter and that should do it. Very easy triumph to get amongst others.
Offensive Expert
  • Land final blows in the Vex offensive with SMG, Bows, Handcanons, Fusion Rifles, Bow and Auto-rifle in Vex Offensive. 500kills for each weapon. A total of 100% for each weapon.
  • Use your most potent weapons of each class in this triumph and you should not have much trouble. Try not to do it at a stretch if it gets too boring. Do other triumph related activities and come back to this later.
Offensive Tactician
  • Get multi-kills with SMG, Auto-rifles, and bows in Vex Offensive. While doing the Offensive Expert triumph, try to land more multi-kills and this should complete even before your Offensive expert triumph.
Offensive Sharpshooter
  • In Vex offensive, land final blows with bows and Hand cannons. Try to do it while doing Vex offensive only. You do not need any extra effort. Just try to land more precision hits and this should get completed gradually.
Offensive Finisher
  • In Vex offensive you need to kill enemies with finishers. Even though the triumph says that challenging enemies grant more progress, just use finishers on any enemy you can get your hand and legs on. And this should be completed gradually without paying much attention.
  • You need to destroy oracles in Vex offensive, as a fireteam. So whether it is you or anyone from your team, the progress will still count. A pretty easy triumph to get.
Over The Moon
  • Defeat Vex overlords in Archer’s Line, Hellmouth, and Anchor of the Light, in season 8.
  • We recommend doing this in a clan or LFG fireteam as this can require a bit of coordination. you need to kill the 4th and Final Bosses in the Vex invasion on each of the locations given above.
  • Wait for the public even to spawn in each of these locations and do the above task. That should do your work.
Lunar Fashion
  • You need to complete 10 public even wearing a full set of seasonal armor, in Season 8 itself.
  • The only armor set you need is the Dreambane armor set. Simply equip this and start from the “over the moon triumph”. That should help you get 3/10 events. The rest you can do separately.
Moonlight Crescendo
  • In season 8, you need to defeat enemies on the moon with finishers. Challenging enemies will grant more progress.
  • The finishers you perform in the “Offensive Finisher” triumph will also count towards this progress. This should happen gradually, but just to be safe, use finishers more.
Dark Side of the Moon
  • Defeat enemies on Earth’s moon using void abilities. The three progressions you need to do are Void melee kills, void nade ability kills and void super kills. 100% progression for each ability kill.
  • We highly recommend using a subclass tree having void Melee super ability, Like TITAN void bottom tree, Warlock Nova warp and Hunter Void Mid Tree.
  • make sure you do not throw shields for titan bottom tree and use the left click only.
  • You can also progress in the melee kills for this using void swords without ammo.
  • Monte Carlo for this triumph is the best weapon to use.
Crater Spark
  • It is the same as “Dark Side of the moon” triumph with the difference of Arc being the energy instead of void.
  • You would want to use arc melee supers for this triumph. Bottom tree arc for Titan, Top tree arc for hunter will do the work quite well.
  • You can also progress in the melee kills for this using arc swords without ammo.
  • Monte Carlo for this triumph is the best weapon to use just like in “Dark Side of the moon”.
Season of the Undying Badge
  • This should be the toughest of them all and this will require most of your efforts. Doing multiple things to gain the badge
  • We will split these into a few parts to make the explanation easy.


The Collections badge

  • Simply pick up The 6 designated quests (2 from each). Shaxx for the crucible, Zavala for Strikes and Drifter for Gambits.
  • The completion of these quests should grant you 3 weapons, 6 shaders and 3 emblems needed for the triumph.
  1. The Vex Offensive Weapons: Imperative scout rifle, Subjunctive SMG, Optative HC and Adhorative pulse rifle. Should be done by the time you complete Vex offensive related triumphs.
  2. Ritual Weapons: Randy’s Throwing Knife scout rifle (Shaxx), Edgewise (Zavala) and Exit Strategy (drifter). The steps for these are self-explanatory and these should be done taking time since these can be really grindy at times.
  3. The Three emblems and 6 shaders should be done with moderate effort just by completing the quests from the respective NPCs.

Leviathan’s Breath

  • In order to do this, you would require a lot of patience and a grindy attitude.
  • We will leave a video down below if you want to know how to do it:

Spear of the Fore Legendary ship

  • To get this ship you need to simply complete the Ordeal NightFall at Master difficulty.
  • To claim your ship after the successful completion, simply follow this path after pressing F1: Triumphs > Vanguard > Strikes > Nightfall: The Ordeal


Please note that the Triumphs which show as “In Season 8” are time-bound and only limited to that season. So complete these before the season’s end. The rest of the tasks like emblems and weapons can be completed with the leisure time if needed.

That will conclude this detailed guide on UNDYING Title in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.


Thanks for reading!

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