How to Link Accounts in Marvel’s Avengers Beta

Marvel’s Avengers is out for players with its BETA. The Beta is free to play, currently on steam. If you have already installed it, you would now want to link your Square Enix account with Steam. This is where players are facing some issues. For some, it is already linked but not working, and for others, it cannot be linked at all. So we aim to guide you through this and hopefully troubleshoot the issues.

How to Link Accounts with Steam in Marvel’s Avengers Beta

  • Follow the instructions on the mail from Square Enix.
  • If you did not get the mail or deleted it, follow this link and login via steam: [Square Enix Link]
  • If your accounts are already linked, you need to unlink them, then relink them again.
  • In case this does not work, make a new Square Enix account, and link steam to that.

“Account already linked” error Fix

  •  Create a new account using the Steam Options which requires you to authenticate with Steam.
  • For the email options, use any email other than what you used on the Square Enix Account.
  • This will result in new account creation, and your Steam being linked to that.
  • On the secondary account, link Facebook. This is needed as you cannot remove Steam or set a password, as Steam is the only way to log into that account.
  • Once Facebook has been linked, unlink the Steam account.
  • Log into your main account and go to link accounts using the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Now simply link the Steam account, and you are all done!

credits: knightish & Anc

If you face any issues during this process, drop a comment down below, and maybe we will be able to help. You can also suggest any other method for this troubleshooting to work. Having that said, we shall conclude this guide. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

2 thoughts on “How to Link Accounts in Marvel’s Avengers Beta”

  1. I can’t link Facebook. It seems the link to do so is incorrect and fails to load the Facebook page. Now my Steam account is linked forever to this throwaway Square account

    1. That is strange since it is their official link. It should work. Try doing it on your own from a different browser by starting fresh.

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