How to transfer Destiny 2 to SSD in Steam

How can we safely Transfer Destiny 2 to SSD via steam client?

We all want a bit more from the game, Be it performance or quick startup or less load times on PC. In this guide we will show you a simple method to Transfer your Destiny 2 files safely to your SSD. This will most certainly increase the startup speed and lessen the load time of the game.

Also You can apply this method to any other steam games you own. This method will work just fine for other games in the library also.


How to transfer Destiny 2 to SSD step 1

  • Login to your Steam app client with the account you may have linked to, or Just locate the installed game in the Library tab of the app.


How to transfer Destiny 2 to SSD step 2

  • Right Click on Destiny 2 in your game Library directory and click on “Properties”.


How to transfer Destiny 2 to SSD step 3

  • Go to “local Files” Tab and click on “move install Folder”
  • And that should do it!


After completion of the process, your steam app client should now direct towards Destiny 2 located on your SSD rather than your HDD or any other Storage where you would have stored it. This process will hopefully increase the game performance and decrease the load time for you on the steam app, on PC.



Thanks for reading!


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