How to Unlock All Skins in Destroy All Humans (2020)

If you started playing Destroy All Humans (2020), you may have noticed that it has a lot of cool skins to unlock. But some of them can be tricky to get and figure out. So in this guide, we aim to list all the skins available so far, and how to get those skins as well. Want to know all the probe locations for the game? Check out our article on all probe locations for Destroy All Humans!
You can get Destroy All Humans! for steam from here: Steam Link

List of Skins and How to Unlock

1. Pre-Order Skins

There are lots of cool skins in the pre-order special skin pack. In this pack, there are:

  1. The King: Elvis skin.
  2. Dollarsmart: Pennywise looking clown skin.
  3. Killing Joke: Joker inspired clown skin.
  4. Pulp Crypto: Different color Crypto-137 skin.
  5. BFG-137: Doom-Esque looking neon green skin.

You can find the pre-order skins in Mothership > Archives > Skin Selection screen.

Destroy All Humans Pre-Order Skin gamertagzero


2. Crypto-137 Skin

  • This is the starting skin you will get, so nothing additional to do here.

Crypto-137 Skin

3. MOOtant Skin

You need to complete all optional mission goals below, during Mission 3: Citizen Crypto in Rockwell to unlock the MOOtant skin.

  1. Kill a scientist using an explosive cow.
  2. Scan humans at the gathering.

You will unlock the MOOtant skin when all the optional missions are complete.

Mootant Skin DAH

4. Classic Crypto Skin

You need to complete all optional mission goals below during Mission 7: This Island Suburbia in Santa Modesta to unlock the Classic Crypto skin.

  1. Destroy Army assets.

You will unlock the Classic Crypto skin when the above optional mission is completed. This skin comes from the original title, so a must-have for all the players!

Classic Crypto Skin

5. Crypto-136 Skin

Complete all optional mission goals below during Mission 12: Whatever Happened to Crypto 136? to unlock the Crypto-136 skin.

  1. Extract some human brains.
  2. Kill a bunch of humans.

You will unlock the Crypto-136 skin when the above missions are completed.

Crypto-136 Skin

6. Pale Rider Skin

Complete all optional mission goals below during Mission 18: Armquist vs. Furons in Union Town to unlock the Pale Rider skin.

  1. Sabotage Majestic listening posts.
  2. Collect ammo spawning during the fight.

You will unlock the Pale Rider skin upon these two mission completions. As you can see from the image, the concept is inspired from Darksiders.

Pale Rider Skin

That is the complete list of skins you can unlock so far in Destroy All Humans! (2020). If more skins come out, we will be sure to update this post. That will be all! Thanks for reading!

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