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Guides, Tips, and Tricks to play Hunt Showdown for beginners


Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP (Player versus Player) bounty hunting game with heavy PvE (Player vs Environment) elements. A survival-based game, which can be challenging if you do not know the basics, to begin with.

So, in this short guide, we will show you some beginners tips, tricks, and info to play the game for all the beginners out there.

Getting Started – New Player Bracket/Matchmaking

Taking advantage of the new Bracket

Hunt is not like most first-person shooters and the sooner you practice gunfights, the better. It’ll be a lot easier to learn in this meta before the painful reality of levels 21+ hits you. Don’t worry about your gear as much, in fact, it’s better to learn with cheap equipment so you don’t burn your money in the process. The Winfield is a VERY good potential gun that can hold its own with even the best if you get good at aiming.

Gunplay overview

Weapon action/ distance guide

Again, it is highly suggested on getting good practice with the Winfield. It is very reliable in PvP and PvE, especially with consistent headshots. Because of the decent clip size, it’s forgiving with occasional misses unlike larger rifles like the Sparks.

One of the strongest loadouts is a Winfield with Machete since it offers combat strengths at a close, medium and far distances. The Karabiner is also quite strong, however, the time between shots can be punishing for new players.

Short distance weapons guide

The shotguns in this game are quite powerful, but you have to be close. They are very good guns for people with bad aim, but you will need patience and a close range. You can expect a headshot within a few meters to one hit most players, but the damage drop off is significant so hold your fire till you are in close range (typically a few meters).

General weapons guide/ combo

A good balance is pairing with a pistol so you can engage at medium distances still or finish off a runner that you’ve almost killed. For most shotguns, you want to position yourself so you have something to duck behind between reloads- you shouldn’t expect your first shot to down everyone.

Bullet Penetration/ammo types

Bullets will penetrate basically any surface in this game, however, there is some damage loss. If you can see someone peeking through a crack in a wall, you can probably hit them.

Learn bullet travel times as it will help you the most. Most guns have the same travel time while others travel slower or faster.

– Compact ammo – Doesn’t penetrate well.

– Medium ammo – Penetrates pretty well.

– Long Ammo – Penetrates pretty much everything at full damage.

Stealth kills

While many of you coming from other FPS games may think you can just outgun your opponents, Hunt will definitely prove you wrong. Sure, it might work sometimes, but Hunt is a game all about position and perception.

World Sounds

The game is filled with “sound traps” such as Crows, Dogs, Chickens, Water (which is loud) and plenty of basic enemies that yell loudly when approached. If you run around everywhere, you’re going to trigger these a lot and other players will likely start looking for you. Crows also serve as a strong visual give-away as players can tell where you are based on where the crows are flying.

Instead of running everywhere, you want to carefully decide when to walk, crouch or run. The trigger radius for sound traps is based on how you are moving when nearby.

Weapon Sounds

Another obvious source of noise is gunfire. Gunshots and explosions will attract the most attention since it is the loudest. Even a single shot fired can attract the other players’ attention. You can use this to your advantage by leading players into a trap, but if you don’t want this, then don’t shoot.

As a new player, you likely won’t see silenced weapons for a while, but you can buy a knife very early on. This is the best way to take out enemies without alerting others.

You also can melee with any weapon in the game by simply holding the left click. You will need to manage your stamina, however, as strong attacks require a decent amount and don’t restore until you stop attacking, jumping and running for a few seconds (you can keep walking, however).

The lanterns scattered throughout the land are also very helpful as they basically offer a free kill on any enemies except for the big leech monsters. You can also use these lanterns to kill crows before they can fly away, which is a great stealthy way of killing.

Extra Items

Some of the most useful consumables are the Concertina Bomb, the Explosive variants, and the LARGE Vitality Shots. There are other items too which can aid you in the game:
Concertina Bomb

Concertina Bomb – This is a very easy way to kill the Butcher silently, simply leading him through the bomb a few times without shooting. You can also use this to zone out players from hallways/tunnels. It is cost-effective, although you need to be fairly high level to buy this. But it’s probably the best thing to bring once you can get it.

Dynamite & Frags
– These are a really good way to fight groups of players or fight those hiding behind cover. The aiming takes some getting used to, but one good throw can down a duo by itself or at least do some serious damage.

The frag grenade is the best as per stats, because it also applies to bleed damage and only costs a bit more than the dynamite stick. Ready up both of them before throwing so they don’t have time to run. The pitcher will help A LOT with this and will result in easy kills.

LARGE Vitality Shot – This will fully heal you, but it takes quite a few seconds to use (5). This is best to use in fights when you are near death. They are, however, expensive so pick wisely.

We suggest waiting on these until your character is fairly leveled or you feel comfortable with the fight mechanics. The small vitality shots are somewhat useless right now as the bandages can offer similar healing but get replenished if you make it through the round even if you use them all up. (This is true for all tools versus consumables).

The most useful tools are the knife (if you don’t have a bladed weapon), first-aid kit, and fuses/flare pistol.

Must have Weapons and Items guide


– As mentioned before, this gives new players a way to stealth kill, on a budget. Use strong attacks to down any grunts or bees in one hit. You should always have this if you don’t have a bladed weapon.

First Aid Kit

-This is the most important item in the game. It offers up to 3 bars of restored health, and you can refill it from player kills. It can be upgraded with perks to heal faster or upgrade each bandage to 2 bars of healing per. Also restores at the end of the game even if you use it up (assuming you survive).

Fusees/Flare Pistol
– These seem useless on day maps, but the interesting thing is, these can be used to silently down armored enemies and bees in one hit. Simply through a fusee/shoot, a flare at the enemy and they will get lighted on fire. Careful with armored though, because they may still charge for a second before dying so be sure to whack them once with your gun if so.

At night, these are extremely bright and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. They work best when lighting up where you think there is an enemy, rather than near yourself (since your shadows will become very obvious). Special note that the fusees also last significantly longer than the flare, however, both can be shot out by a single bullet to destroy the light source.

In-game Money

Money has become hard to come by in this game. There used to be several money rewards you would get for leveling up, but many of those have been removed. Until this gets updated, it means you have to spend your money carefully before rushing out to the swamp.

When learning, We highly suggest you take very cheap loadouts that you plan to die with. Example: Winfield, Machete and a stick of dynamite. This game involves a LOT of dying, so don’t spend all your money just to get a headshot with all your gear in the first few minutes.

If you want to grind some ‘safe’ money, try going into a match very stealthily, grabbing a few clues and extracting. You do get more money for killing players/bosses, but it’s significantly harder. Try to master a good balance of money runs and fights while starting off.


Determination, Greyhound, Physician, and Doctor are nearly required on all Hunters as perks. The second is Packmule, Frontierman, Salve Skin, Pitcher, Resilience. Everything else is optional.


Revives – If you are playing in a duo, you can revive/be revived by having the up partner stand near you and hold the revive key for a few seconds. When you go down, you lose your first bar of health (furthest on the right) which continues each time you die until they are gone.

Be careful with this, because experienced players will expect a quick revive and will generally camp near a body. There is no time for revives, as long as the body isn’t burning, so sometimes it’s better to hunt down remaining enemies before reviving.

Health Bars

Health Bars – Although getting downed or burned will ‘remove’ a health bar, you CAN restore them in-game by banishing any boss which will also give full health restore. If you aren’t able to do that, you can extract and spend perk points to buy back health bars: 3 points for little bars and 7 points for big bars.

Fire damage/tactics

Fire – Burning results in a health bar being lost permanently. This means that the firebombs/lanterns can be very strong in combat because you can force a player to put out the fire or risk losing those bars for good.

Using this for burning down players, will result in them burning off all of their remaining bars unless they are quickly revived AND put out the fire. We suggest doing this when you kill a solo so they can’t be revived later.

Poison damage/tactics

– Poison damage will build only when you are standing on a poison source, or when bees are attacking you. If you leave the exposure source, the damage will stop. But the obscured vision will last until you stay out of the poison for about 10 seconds. Health won’t start to recover until the poison vision goes away.

The bees are definitely the most dangerous source of poison exposure. So if it starts getting overwhelming, the quickest way to stop the damage is to quickly kill the queen bee (their REAL heads are on their shoulders, not the top of their torso).

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