Idle Warriors: 3 Kingdoms | Shu Guan Yu/Light Zhao Yun Ideal Lineups

Greetings Lords! Today I am going to talk about the two of the most powerful generals in the game Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms. And they are Light Zhao Yun and Shu Guan Yu.

In this guide I have laid out the details of which line-up works best with these characters. After reading this guide you will be able to use the recommended line-ups of veterans and ace this game. Have a look!

Best Lineups for Light Zhao Yun and Shu Guan Yu in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Light Zhao Yun

This handsome General is named Light·Zhao Yun. He has a chance to counter-attack when being damaged, and restore HP.

Light·Zhao Yun and Shu·Zhao Yun are different. Light·Zhao Yun is a Warrior, while Shu·Zhao Yun is a Guardian. Here are the recommended line-ups from veteran players.

  • Light Zhao Yun + Light Zhen Ji + Light Huang Zhong + Light Zhou Yu + Light Zhuge Liang

A 2-supporter lineup composed of Light Zhuge Liang and Light Zhen Ji, provides a bonus to [sundering] and protection by [The Bagua Formation].

Light Zhou Yu provides additional an ATK bonus from [Divine Fire], finally Light Zhao Yun and Light Huang Zhong deal instant damage to the enemy Core General.

  • Light Zhao Yun + Xiao Qiao + Guo Jia + Dark Guan Yu / Lu Bu + Guan Yu

Xiao Qiao and Guo Jia provide stable sustainability and attack bonuses. Dark Lu Bu / Guan Yu + Light Zhao Yun provide a high amount of damage and Guan Yu deals the final blow.

At the same time, Light Zhao Yun provides continuous DPS to maintain the damage ability of the lineup.

  • Light Zhao Yun + Light Zhen Ji / Light Zhuge Liang / Light Hua Tuo

The supporters of the Light faction are all really powerful, you can choose the appropriate supporter to enhance your own lineup.

Shu Guan Yu

𝐒𝐡𝐮 – 𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐧 𝐘𝐮 is one of the most powerful Generals during the early stages of the game. He excels in dealing high physical damage to his foes.

We have some helpful team composition guides for Guan Yu, brought to you by veteran players. Please take the team composition guides below into consideration with your circumstance.

  • Guan Yu + Zhang Fei + Zhu Geliang + Huang Yueying + Zhao Yun / Huang Zhong

Lineup suggestion: Huang Yueying and Zhuge Liang are healers. They can increase the team’s damage and provide a certain level of sustainability, While Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are the strongest physical DPS of Shu in the current version.

If the healers are not developed well enough, you may use Zhao Yun to increase the lineup’s margin of error. You may also use Huang Zhong to deal high damage more quickly.

  • Guan Yu + Light Zhen Ji + Xiao Qiao / Gan Ning + Xiahou Dun / Guo Jia + Dark Guan Yu / Dark Lu Bu

Lineup suggestion: With Guan Yu and Dark Guan Yu or Dark Lu Bu as the main DPS, this team deals high damage quickly if matched with Light Zhen Ji’s Sunder Armor.

If you have Xiao Qiao, Xiahou Dun would be a good choice. If you have Guo Jia, Gan Ning would be a good choice as well. You may also use Xiao Qiao and Guo Jia to form a 3-healer system to provide even better sustainability.

  • Guan Yu + Zhuge Liang / Zhang Fei

Lineup suggestion: If you want to deploy multiple Shu generals, Guan Yu + Zhuge Liang / Zhang Fei would be a good composition.

If you read the full guide and want to leave your thoughts, then please do so in the comments section. I hope you are having fun and enjoying this game.

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Last Updated on July 26, 2022

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